Jadwal Lengkap Piala AFF U-19 2022

 Jadwal Pertandingan  Piala AFF U-19 2022

    Semifinal 1: 13 Juli 2022 (15.30 WIB)

    Semifinal 2: 13 Juli 2022 (20.00 WIB)

    Perebutan tempat ke-3: 15 Juli 2022 (15.30 WIB)

    Final: 15 Juli 2022 (20.00 WIB)

2022 AFF U-19 Cup Complete Schedule

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beolroom.com - The complete schedule of today's matches (Saturday 9 July 2022) 2022 AFF U-19 Cup. Today's 2022 AFF U-19 Cup matches include Timor Leste's Group B match against Malaysia.
Timor Leste still has a chance to advance to the semifinals. Timor Leste has three points from two matches and is fourth. Malaysia is second with four points from two matches.
In addition, there was a duel between Laos and Singapore. Laos is now at the top of Group B with six points. Meanwhile, Singapore is bottom of Group B with just one point from three matches.
In the match Friday, July 8 2022, Indonesia won a good result with a 5-1 victory over the Philippines. Although currently ranked third in Group A standings, Garuda Nusantara has a great chance of advancing to the semifinals if it beats Myanmar in the last match.
The duel Indonesia vs Myanmar will take place on Sunday, July 10, 2022. Let's see the full schedule below, Bolaneters.
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Ranking and Rules
Group A. ranking
Provisional Ranking of Group A AFF U-19 2022 Cup *Updated 08 Jul 2022 22.00 WIB (c) IST 2022 Provisional Ranking of Group A AFF U-19 Cup *Updated 07 Jul 2022 22.00 WIB (c) IST
Group B standings
2022 AFF U-19 Cup Group B standings up to Game 3. (c) 2022 AFF U-19 Cup Group B standings up to Game 3. (c) East
Then, the top two in each standings will advance to the semifinals. The winners of Group A will meet the runners-up of Group B in the semifinals. Meanwhile, the winners of Group B will face the runners-up of Group A.
The winning team in the semifinals will meet in the final to fight for the championship title. The losing team will fight for third place. Let's see the complete schedule for the AFF U-19 Cup below, Bolaneters.
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Myanmar 7-0 Brunei Darussalam (Moe Swe 15', Zaw Win Thein 28', La Min Htwe 30', Chit Aye 68', Thar Yan Win Htet 74', Ar Kar Kyaw 78', Thein Zaw Thiha 87')
    Thailand 1-0 Philippines (Winai Aimoat 11')

    Vietnam 0-0 Indonesia

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    Timor Leste 0-1 Laos (Sovan Dauna)

    Singapore 0-2 Cambodia (Damoth Thongkhamsavath 39', Peter Phanthavong)

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    Vietnam 4-1 Philippines (Nguyen Quoc Viet 3', 48', Khuat Van Khang 69'-pen, Nguyen Van Truong 77'; Sandro Reyes 53')

    Myanmar 0-3 Thailand (Thawatchai Inprakhon 7', Nattakit Butsing 25', 33')

    Indonesia 7-0 Brunei Darussalam (Hokky Caraka 2', 15', 19', 45', Ronaldo Kwateh 12', Marcell Januar 20', Alfriyanto Nico 61')

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    Cambodia 1-2 Malaysia (Chanvibol Davit 55'; Muhammad Akmal 13', Muhammad Hairi 30')

    Singapore 0-1 Timor Leste (Mario Quintao 59')

    Philippines 1-3 Myanmar (Jaime Domingo Rosquillo 30'; Swan Htet 4', Thein Zaw Thiha 7', Zaw Win Thein 42')

    Brunei Darussalam 0-4 Vietnam (Ha Chau Phi 11', Nguyen Gian Tan 33', 59' Nguyen Duc Viet 62')

    Indonesia 0-0 Thailand

    Malaysia 0-0 Singapore

    Laos 2-1 Cambodia (Peeter Phanthavong 7', 25'; Sovan Dauna 85')

    Myanmar 1-3 Vietnam (La Min Htwe 90+3'; Nguyen Quoc Viet 3', 90+1', Khuat Van Khang 54')

    Thailand 2-0 Brunei Darussalam (Kroekphon Arbram 45', Winai Aimoat 60')

    Philippines 1-5 Indonesia (Justin Frias 29'; Rabbani Tasnim 14'-pen; 40'-pen, 50', Alfriyanto Nico 27', Razzaa Aziz 70')

15.00 WIB: Laos vs Singapore (Middle Stadium)

        19.00 WIB: Timor Leste vs Malaysia (Central Stadium)

       15.00 WIB: Brunei Darussalam vs Philippines (Patriot Candela Baga Stadium)

        20.00 WIB: Vietnam vs Thailand (central stadium)

        20.00 WIB: Indonesia vs Myanmar (Patriots Kandrabaga Stadium)

        15.00 WIB: Cambodia v Timor Leste (Middle Stadium)

        15.00 WIB: Malaysia vs Laos (Patriots Kanderbaga Stadium)

        Semi-finals 1:13 July 2022 (15.30 WIB)

        Semi-final 2: 13 July 2022 (20.00 WIB)

        3rd Place Competition : July 15, 2022 (15.30 WIB)

        Final: 15 July 2022 (20.00 WIB)