8 Best Type 25 Minimalist Living Room Designs in 2022 That Look Functional and Beautiful!

Check out the 25 best minimalist living room designs that are functional and beautiful. Learn more here!
Choosing a minimalist living room design is not an easy task, in fact there are various important considerations.
The reason is, the family room is used to meet the needs of the family to relax when gathering.
You don't have to have a large room, a minimalist family room design can also be applied to limited land.
One of the 25 best minimalist living room designs in limited land, but still functional and aesthetic.
What is the inspiration for a minimalist living room design for this young family? For that, see the discussion together!

25 Most Beautiful Minimalist Living Room Designs in 2022

You can choose from a variety of functional and most aesthetic minimalist living room designs as follows:

1. Unique Use for Vinyl Flooring

source: Instagram/@Arra_baiti
The first is to choose the 25 most aesthetically pleasing minimal living room designs that vinyl flooring can do.
This room not only looks attractive, but also looks comfortable and spacious to relax at home with the family.
You can use the family room if your house is used as a family room.

2. The combination of pink and cool atmosphere

Source: Instagram/@homeputri02
If the size of the room is an important consideration, then the concept of a minimalist 25 lesehan family room is feasible to apply.
Not only the concept of lesehan, you can also apply pink accents with a soft yet beautiful feminine texture.
Choosing greenery on a closet shelf can also add a nice color combination.

3. Smart eclectic idea
Source: Instagram/@sukwanti.koesno

For those of you who like art and don't like having a certain standard concept, then this living room design is for you.
You can combine all designs in one room at a time, ranging from ethnic, minimalist, traditional and colorful, and still look attractive.

4. Soft color with open concept

Source: Instagram/@ummamikhayla
Not only the area of ​​​​space, the choice of colors also has a big influence on the design of a minimalist family room of 25 units.
One right way is to choose pastel colors with shades of white, pink and blue.
This family room is also very suitable for relaxing as well as functioning as a family gathering place in the house.

5. Classic concept full of comfort

Source: Instagram/@ummamikhayla
Comfort and warmth is the perfect way to have the 25 minimalist living rooms of your dreams.
A large sofa with a classic touch looks suitable and makes residents and guests of the house feel more comfortable.
With plant decorations and excellent lighting, the atmosphere is best at dusk.

6. Flowing blue
 Source: Instagram/@rumahsaatsimpel

Minimalist family room design type 25 with a blue color concept can be an option to create a pleasant atmosphere.
The blue concept can have a rustic vibe that is comfortable and elegant when relaxing.
In addition to blue, you can combine white to add spaciousness to the room in your home.

7. Unique open green concept

Source: Instagram/@Rumahkahisha
Cozy and refreshing are the 25 best minimalist living room choices for 2022.
The green concept lounge sofa creates an element of home comfort, so plants ranging from succulents to monstera don't look boring.

8. The green atmosphere of the lesehan concept

Source: Instagram/@novie_bunga12
Furthermore, a green minimalist family room, a comfortable and bright lesehan atmosphere for you to relax at home.
Not only bright, but also decorated with various greenery, looks attractive.
Those are some suggestions for 25 minimalist living room designs that you can apply in a fun way.
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