8 beautiful 2-storey tiny house designs. Suitable for family with 1 child

Narrow land but want to build a townhouse? Try to design a nice two-story tiny house. Check out the inspiration here!
Two-story houses are becoming more common, both in big cities and even in the countryside.
The reason is, a two-story house can be a solution to build a house on a narrow land.
With this type of residence, you can have more space in the house.
Well, in this way you have a 2-story house design that is still comfortable, safe and looks attractive.
Try turning the building into a beautiful 2-storey tiny house design, do it!
Properti boelroom.com summarizes its design inspiration from various sources below.

Beautiful small 2 storey house design

1. Beautiful small 2 storey bungalow in luxury style

Source: homedesign.samphoas.com
The first two-story tiny house looks luxurious and modern.
This multi-storey house comes with shades of gray and white to make it look more spacious and clean.
To maintain good air circulation in the house, you can add some curtains like in the picture above.

2. Simple minimalist house 2 floors

Source: Rhdesignrumah.com
This beautiful 2-storey tiny house is usually a residential concept in a modern house.
A small plot of land will be left in front which can be used to create a home garden.
In addition, there is a carport for 1 car parked.

3. Modern minimalist house 2 floors with wood nuances

Source: coolhouseconcepts.com/
The next beautiful 2-storey tiny house can look like the picture above.
You can add wooden ornaments to certain parts of the house, such as walls.
The brown color of the wood can leave a warm impression on the homeowner, and voila.

4. Minimalist House Design 2 Floor Extension

 Source: humble-homes.com
So, for those of you whose house is a bit small, this beautiful 2-storey tiny house can be your inspiration.
Just build a house that extends backwards with a minimalist design.
Make sure to use a bright wall paint color like white to make a spacious impression, okay?

5. Small two-story house in the village

Source: homeshabby.com
This beautiful 2 storey tiny house is located in a cool village.
You can make an open terrace in the house so that air can exchange freely.
Not only that, you can also create a party room at the top of the house.

6. Small Two-Story Brown House

Source: Tinyhousetalk.com
The next 2-storey tiny house is in the form of a box with a simple construction.
You can see that there is an entrance and a window at the front of the house.
Interestingly, the upper area has a balcony for residents to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

7. 2-storey house with balcony

Source: www.jbsolis.com/
A 2-storey house with a balcony can also be an inspiration to build a beautiful multi-storey house.
You can add balcony railings to protect the upper space.
Well, for the inside, make sure the interior design of this 2-story house has been adjusted, yes.

8. Sloping roof on the second floor of the house

Source: ruangminimalis.com
The last beautiful two-story little house has a sloping roof on either side.
You can build a house with a terraced concept like in the picture above.
You can also use the bottom of the balcony to make a garage.
This is the inspiration for the design of a beautiful 2-storey tiny house that you can imitate.
What do you think?
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