7 Minimalist 3x1 Bathroom Designs in 2022 that Look Clean and Fresh!

Check out our suggestions for the best 3x1 minimalist bathroom designs in 2022 for a clean and fresh atmosphere. Find your best choice here!
For some people, the bathroom is often one of the best reflections of the occupants of the house, and even a determinant of cleanliness.
Therefore, cleanliness and aesthetic factors are important in a home bathroom to provide a good relaxing atmosphere.
It doesn't have to be big, a planned bathroom cleanliness can also create a clean atmosphere like a 3x1 minimalist bathroom design.
If it has become a necessity, here is a bathroom design inspiration for your dream home.
What is the best minimal 3x1 bathroom design for your dream home? Check out the discussion together!

Tips for the Best 3x1 Minimalist Bathroom Design in 2022

Below you can see a selection of 3x1 minimalist bathrooms with the best complete atmosphere:

1. White-and-white marble concept

 source: Instagram/@rumahjasminee
The top choice for the best 3x1 minimalist bathroom design that you can apply is the off-white marble concept.
The concept has a simple texture, character but looks elegant, so it gives a functional impression.
There is no large compartment in this part of the bathroom, so it looks spacious even in a limited area.

2. All white and industrial theme

source: Instagram/@Ammy.santi
You can get the next 3x1 minimalist bathroom with an all-white hue and the best industrial theme.
The white elements on the industrial glass elements provide a more functional aspect and complete facilities.
The use of a bulkhead is also useful for maintaining cleanliness so that water does not wet the entire bathroom.

3. White with diamond pattern

source: Instagram/@Arjuna_homey
In addition to color choices, you can also apply a minimalist 3x1 bathroom design with a diamond pattern.
This diamond pattern selection has a unique decorative design that gives a strong three-dimensional impression.
This bathroom is not only available in various patterns, but also looks spacious with an open concept and minimal furniture.

4. The atmosphere is comfortable and timeless

source: Instagram/@padi.​​buvi
The next 3x1 minimalist bathroom creates a comfortable yet timeless atmosphere that looks spacious.
The lattice design with screen gives a cleaner impression when cleaning at home.
Additional wood accents on the vanity add a functional impression.

5. Bright Orange Concept

 source: Instagram/@patimahlubs
The fire element is the inspiration for the best 3x1 bathroom design for this product.
Not only the orange concept is designed in a monotone, white accents are also applied.
In addition to color accents, there is a practical minimalist compartment for easy storage of toiletries.

6. Modern natural scenery

source: Instagram/@Ndalem_swand
You can apply the following minimalist 3x1 bathroom design choices in a modern and natural way, complete with decorative elements.
Not only decorative elements, you can also combine them with natural elements, from rattan to the attractive green grass concept.
The gray textured sink has a modern tub that looks very attractive.

7. Equipped with a classic bathtub

source: Instagram/@Mf.nest
You can plan the best 3x1 minimalist bathroom recommendations in a fun way using a classic tub combination.
Refreshing bathtub combined with wood trim provides the best experience without getting bored.
Not only cleaning yourself, you can also relax at home in your spare time.
Those are some of the best 3x1 2022 minimalist bathroom design suggestions that you can apply attractively in your home.
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