7 Examples of 7m Width Minimalist Home Front View | You can design it however you like!

For those who are looking for a front view design with a width of 7m for a minimalist home, this time beolroom.com USA will show some examples.
Currently the wider community demands a design with a minimalist concept.
People assume that the minimalist concept can bring a small house that is nice and neatly arranged.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this assumption.
However, in general, a minimalist design can be applied to homes of various sizes.
Including a house with a width of 7 meters.
The essence of the minimalist idea is to remove excess elements from ornaments and ornaments.
Whether it's a small house or a big house.
The concept puts forward the efficiency of the form of the house both from the inside and from the outside.
For more details, some examples of the front view of a minimalist house with a width of 7 meters are shown below.
Collected from various sources, here are some examples.

7 front view of a minimalist house with a width of 7 meters

1. White ash composite house exterior facade

Source: instagram.com/ivadia35
Minimalist houses are synonymous with not many colors.
For example, the image below shows the facade of a 2-storey minimalist house with a width of 7 meters.
Homeowners only combine two colors, white and gray.
You can copy and modify.

2. The facade of the house is simple but elegant

Source: instagram.com/nikeuniverse
Next looks at the front of a minimalist house with a width of 7m and a minimalist exterior.
Although it looks simple, this house exudes elegance and aesthetics.
There are no unnecessary ornaments and decorative elements in front of the house.
Just a pot and some ornamental plants...
Likewise with the carport which at first glance seems to blend with the house.

3. Unique house view

Source: instagram.com/libby.home
If you are bored with a simple design, you can imitate the facade of this house.
As you can see from the pictures, the facade of this house is so unique that it catches the eye of anyone who sees it.
What makes it unique is the top of the front of the house.
There is a shape that resembles a circle, which makes the window below look beautifully curved.
At first glance, this house looks very similar to a typical colonial design.
Is this true?

4. Front view of the house with large windows

Source: instagram.com/rumahdevaro
Another characteristic of a minimalist home is the use of large windows.
In addition to being the most sturdy ornament, this window is also useful for air circulation and sunlight.
You can see this application on the front view of a 2-storey minimalist house with a width of 7m above it.
Homeowners use windows that are large enough.
In addition, the overall design of the house is very charming.
It will stand out from the surrounding houses.

5. Minimalist House with Carport

Source: instagram.com/bety_lestari15
The next minimalist house facade is a house with a carport.
You can use a fairly large area as a car park...
By building a garage.
The house utilizes its area for various purposes, such as building a yard and parking lot.
There are two pillars in front of the house and a very sturdy gabled roof.
Beautiful and charming.

6. Front of the house with garage

 Source: instagram.com/way_widya
The house designed above is suitable for people with many cars.
Because the front yard of the house is dominated by the garage.
Even so, the owner of the house above is indeed creative in displaying a small "garden" in the garage area.
Look, there's a vine on the garage fence with a hanging pot on it.
You can imitate the idea of ​​​​the front view of this 7m wide minimalist 2-storey house!

7. Minimalist House with Unique Colors

Source: instagram.com/nurulwulandari_13
Minimalist homes are synonymous with gloomy neutral colors such as white or gray.
However, you can use other colors, really.
For example the residence above.
The house has one dominant color, light green.
Not only the walls, the fence is also painted green.
Well, if later you have a house with a front width of 7 meters, you can imitate the concept of the house above.
The nuance that is presented is so fresh because it blends with the garden and the surrounding plants.