5 easy ways to install your own home wallpaper. Cheap and easy!

Using home wallpaper can add to the aesthetic value of the house. No need to use a builder service, just install it yourself!
Aesthetic value is one of the important elements of a house.
One of the easiest ways to fix this is with a house wallpaper.
Not only in terms of aesthetic value, wallpaper can also provide good personalization to the house.
Indirectly, the use of wallpaper can shape a person's character and personality.
There is no doubt whether the choice of wallpaper is often a condition that immediately makes sense to its inhabitants.
2D Wallpaper or 3D Wallpaper, which is more interesting?
Like contemporary art, home wallpaper also comes in various types, namely 2D wallpaper and 3D wallpaper.
Two kinds of home wallpaper, which one is more suitable to be pasted at home?
The answer comes back to the need for domestic space.
Ordinary wallpaper and three-dimensional wallpaper, installed neatly and orderly on the walls of the house, the effect is equally good.
Overall, the choice of 2D wallpaper will look very neat if used as a gradient for the interior of the house.
Let the wallpaper design and even the interior furniture of the house blend naturally.
In general, if your home has a mix of pastel colors, such as a monochrome and light brown effect, using a 2D wallpaper would be great.
At the same time, if you combine a modern home design with modern elements, the use of 3D wallpaper will be very suitable.
The resulting 3D effect can make the house look good.
You can apply 3D wallpaper to almost any house wall paint color.
However, if your house has colorful colors such as red, purple, green and orange, the 3D effect will be more noticeable.
In essence, when choosing a wallpaper, you have to prioritize the theme in order to produce the right character.

6 easy ways to install your own wallpaper at home

how? Have you found the right type of wallpaper for your home?
It's time to buy wallpaper in a construction store or online marketplace.
Usually, purchased wallpapers come in a single roll.
In fact, you can install house wallpaper on the walls of your room using the services of a handyman.
But of course, there is a price to pay.
Installing your own wallpaper is fine too.
Just follow the steps below and the results are guaranteed to be as good as a builder's hand!

1. Prepare all the equipment in advance

First, make sure you have good equipment to put the wallpaper on.
The equipment includes:
  1. - Cutter
  2. - glue
  3. - Meter
  4. - pencil
  5. - pendulum
  6. - Pieces together.

2. Clean the walls of all dirt

Second, make sure the wall you install is clean and free of residual dirt, including nail marks and other debris.

3. Install the wallpaper step by step from the easiest angle

Third, you can start the installation process step by step.
Be sure to install it from the easiest location first, then measure the height and width of your home walls.
We recommend that you leave a distance of 15-20 cm during this process to facilitate the installation process.

4. Draw straight lines to make a wallpaper pattern

Fourth, use a lot pendulum to draw a straight line from top to bottom.
This is done to facilitate the installation process and make the installed wallpaper look neat.

5. Apply wallpaper glue carefully

After the wallpaper is patterned, you can also apply wallpaper glue to the wall at this stage.
Make sure the glue is applied at the correct level so that the wallpaper glue doesn't wet the wallpaper image or pattern.

6. Apply the wallpaper gradually, then smooth

Sixth, after completing these steps, you can also install wallpaper on the walls of the house in stages.
This stage must be done with care.
Then flatten the wallpaper that has been installed so that the bubble effect that appears disappears.
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Use leftover wallpaper
After the stage of installing the wallpaper on the wall, you can also cut the rest of the wallpaper installation.
Then the rest of the material can also be applied to furniture such as wooden tables and chairs.
Installing a house wallpaper not only requires patience, but also directly forms your own creativity.
So it never hurts to try it at home!
Benefits of installing wallpaper at home
Already know how to wallpaper the walls of your home?

Now, it's time to learn about the benefits of wallpapering in your home!

1. The room becomes more interesting

The choice of home wallpaper patterns is very much and will definitely make the interior of the house more attractive and artistic both visually and close-up details.

2. Give a positive impression to the residents

Choosing the right home wallpaper theme will definitely give a positive impression to the residents of the house.
Especially if the wallpaper has a cheerful character.
In addition to giving a positive impression, wallpaper on the walls of the house also makes the interior space feel more alive.

3. If you want to change the atmosphere at home, you can change it at any time

Installation of wallpaper is basically quite easy and can also be changed according to the wishes of the occupants.
Therefore, the residents of the house can easily change the wallpaper regularly when they are bored or want to change the atmosphere of the house.
It's different if you paint it with wall paint.

4. Can cover the damage to the wall

Are your walls broken?
For example, there are parts that are cracked or chipped.
With wallpaper, all problems will be solved.
If you use wall paint, the situation is different.

5. Easy to clean

If the wallpaper gets dirty, the cleaning process is easy.
Wiping with a cloth is enough, because this wallpaper material is usually made of soft vinyl with a plastic cover.
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