The inspiration for a minimalist house with a 3-story roof is only Rp. 300 million

Having a three-story house may be a dream for many people.
However, because the price is relatively expensive, which reaches billions of rupiah, for some people, this dream is difficult to realize.
Successfully built a beautiful 3-storey house for only Rp. Capital 300 million, to be exact Rp. 314 million, the video was posted from the Pasutri Gaje Home Tour Youtube channel on July 10, 2020.
The design of the house is very beautiful and very comfortable to live in.
In addition, the facilities in this house are also complete.
Right off the bat, let's see what it looks like below.
Land area 55 m2 (5 x 11 m)
Source: instagram.com/rdyunita
The design of the front of Yunita Rahayu Dewi's house is fairly minimalist.
The front yard is large enough to be used as a parking space for 1 car.
As for the fence wrapped in white paint.
The front window of the house is made of durable meranti wood.
The living room is not too spacious but comfortable enough
Source: instagram.com/rdyunita
Entering the house, the occupants are immediately faced with a living room that is not too wide but is built in such a way that it remains comfortable.
Even cooler, the lighting in this living room utilizes sunlight, which can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
There are also some small tree decorations that can add to the beauty of the interior of the house.
minimalist three-story house staircase design
Source: instagram.com/rdyunita
To accommodate the flow of residents from the ground floor to the top floor, homeowners use a simple staircase design.
The floor is made of brown ceramic material, while the handle of the stairs is made of iron which is painted white.
Living room in white, black and brown
Source: instagram.com/rdyunita
Move to the living room and have a TV that the family can use to watch their favorite shows or just hang out and chat together.
The table itself is not too big and the owner chooses wood as the main material for the table.
As you can see, this family room is dominated by white, black and brown.
minimalist concept bedroom
Source: instagram.com/rdyunita
As a place to rest, homeowners choose a minimalist bedroom design.
Check out some of the furniture such as a wall clock, a small table, and brown curtains that add a cozy feel to this room.
For air circulation, there are two windows as the entrance and exit of air into the bedroom.
modern kitchen section
Source: instagram.com/rdyunita
Not bad in the kitchen either.
The owner used a contemporary style and some rattan furniture to complete this piece.
In addition, there are checkered curtains to cover the kitchen utensils and tableware
Outdoor garden on the third floor
Source: instagram.com/rdyunita
One of the most memorable aspects of this house is the open space on the third floor, which we rarely see in other third-floor houses.
Seen there is a swing that can be used to relax or just read a book in the afternoon.
Of course there are also plants as a complement to cooking spices that you should not miss.
Wow, if you have a house like this, you will feel very comfortable all day.
Well, that's a small photo of a 3-storey house that was built at a cost of Rp. 300 million.
Hopefully it can be your inspiration to realize your dream property, good luck!
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