How to plan your finances

You can prepare your own financial plan in 5 (five) steps below:

1. Assess your current financial situation

Analyzed in relation to current status, such as marital status, number of family members, working conditions, age, health status, etc.

2. Set your financial goals

Long-term and short-term goals to be achieved are drawn up, such as:
    In the next 2 years, bank deposits will reach 20 million,
    Want to own your own house in the next 10 years,
    Own a private car in the next three years,
    Hajj for the next 15 years.

3. Develop financial plans and alternatives to achieve financial goals

Financial planning can be in the form of a combination of activities to be carried out and financial products to be used, related to the time period to achieve goals.
For example:
    Pay Rp. Education insurance premium for 10-year-old children is 350,000/month
    Save Rp. 15 years Hajj fund 500,000 yuan/month
    Install Rp. 1.5 million/month car loan for 10 years

4. Strict financial planning

5. Regularly review and improve financial plans and adjust current financial situation

A person's financial situation can change. For example: the birth of a new family member, the experience of illness that requires a large amount of money and cut off sources of family income, a significant increase in income, etc.
If there is a change, the financial planning process will be carried out again from the beginning of the process (assessing the current financial position) and continued with the process below.