Definition of Excess Exposed Brick, Types and Characteristics

Modern homes are increasingly choosing exposed brick. Here are the benefits, features and types you need to know!
white exposed brick
Bricks are one of the most common types of material used by many people.
Apart from classic and modern house designs, the use of bricks is readily available and timeless.
One type of brick that is currently popular is exposed brick.
So, what are the characteristics of this brick? Check out the following unique facts.
Learn about the main features of exposed brick
Exposed brick is a very common decorative brick used in many buildings, including homes and public spaces.
This decorative tile production process uses a press that produces uniform and precise dimensions from every corner.
In general, the exposed features can be seen in the texture, color and shape of the bricks that stand out in the room.

Advantages of using exposed brick at home

Choosing to use exposed brick in your home has several advantages:
1. Exposing bricks on the walls of a room can allow residents to save on home decorating costs.
2. Can reduce the cost of plastering, plastering and painting walls, so that decoration or building costs can be used effectively.
3. Able to create the rustic impression needed for industrial-style interiors.
4. In addition to industrial interiors, you can also use exposed brick in classic interiors to make it look more chic.
5. Create a warm and natural atmosphere in the room.
6. Exposed brick gives a modern industrial feel, as this theme is often seen in today's party venues.
Wide selection of exposed bricks to suit your home
Here are a few types you can learn about before working with exposed types of brick.

1. Ceramic tiles

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Exposed terracotta tiles look the least natural, but they give a simple, light and clean feel.
Terracotta has a bright red texture and looks very classy and luxurious.
Often people choose the type of terracotta brick because it is very easy in the process of finishing the interior of the house.
Apart from being simple, terracotta tiles are durable and long-lasting.
You will often find terracotta tiles used in contemporary and contemporary restaurants and cafes.

2. Striped Clay Brick

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This brick is an ornamental brick made of fine textured clay.
Uniquely, this type of brick has uneven color characteristics and tends to vary.
Its main feature is the black color during the combustion process, giving it a strong classic impression.
This clay brick is a great choice if you want a beautiful classic feel in your home, especially in the yard.

3. KWD bricks

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This type of KWD brick is the most widely used decorative brick by many people.
KWD bricks are made of semi-solid clay but still expose the brick fibers to accentuate the translucent texture.
If you pay attention, the pores of KWD bricks are not as smooth as other types of bricks such as terracotta and striped clay.
KWD bricks also have a relatively more affordable price, but do not reduce the aesthetics of the bricks.

4. White Exposure Brick

For those who have a monochromatic home theme, exposed white brick is the right choice for home furnishings.
The reason is, this brick white accent looks very unique and harmonious with important parts of the house.
Generally, this white brick combination looks cool when combined with gray as a color gradation.
Home Decoration Using Exposed Brick
There are many ways to make unique home decorations, starting from using unique colored wall paint and using home wallpaper.
In addition to these two things, the use of exposed brick trim can also be a fun inspiration to arrange a house naturally.
The reason is, the brick effect looks beautiful when combined with other material elements, wooden floors being one of them.
The use of exposed terracotta tiles and the use of wooden floors seem to blend together from every angle.
Thus, the natural elements in the house seem to warm the family atmosphere.
So there is nothing wrong with using exposed brick as one of the right types of material for those of you who are building or renovating their homes.
Come on, find inspiration for unique home designs according to your wishes at home design ideas