Bring a positive aura to your home with these 9 minimalist home colors!

The choice of house paint color will greatly affect the final appearance of your home. For those who want a house with a positive aura, try this minimalist home color idea!
Today, many people increasingly want a house with a minimalist design.
In addition to its very timeless design, a minimalist house is also easy to make correctly, including choosing the color of the house, both interior and exterior.
Because choosing wall paint with simple house colors not only adds aesthetic value, but also makes the house more positive.
This is why the color of a minimalist home can greatly affect the character of the owner.
Therefore, choosing a minimalist house paint is one of the important things, both the color of the wall paint and the paint of the walls of the house.

9 Minimalist Home Color Inspirations For A Positive Aura

To give you the best home color preferences, here are nine of the best home color inspirations to consider!
Come on, let's watch together!

1. Light yellow paint

Source: Unsplash
Soft yellow is one of the colors that many people choose when choosing wall paint and direct wall paint for their homes.
Not only does it give a colorful home feel, pale yellow wall paint also has a good philosophy based on Feng Shui.
In addition, soft yellow is always described as a harmonious color, which also means good.
In general, the soft yellow color is often used for wall paint in the interior of the house.
One of the most important purposes of using pale yellow is its ability to regulate interior light well.

2. Light blue paint

Source: Pexels
The color that is very timeless in a minimalist home is light blue.
The light blue paint has subtle elements.
Can be interpreted as a calm and comfortable color.
Therefore, this color is not only suitable as wall paint for the exterior of the house, but also very attractive for the interior of the house.
Not only that, light blue is also very suitable for neutral colors like white.
The combination of the two can produce very interesting color gradations.

3. Tosca Green Paint

Source: Pexels
Green always gives a cool and natural element to a minimalist home, especially the green of Tuscany.
With emotional balance implications, the theoretical use of turquoise doesn't just keep the house cool.
But it also makes the house look classy, ​​especially in the interior of the house.
Not only elegance that is visible to the naked eye, Tosca Green paint is also easy to combine with other colors.
Starting with neutral colors, but also pastel colors such as light brown, light blue, even with brown furniture, turquoise green can certainly bring a positive aura to the house.

4. Paint Color Orange

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Psychologically, orange can be interpreted as optimism, friendship, or warmth, so this color seems very sensitive visually.
Generally, orange paint is used because homeowners want to make color gradations on the sides of the painted walls and paint the walls as a whole to create a full color impression.
In its application, orange paint is not only used as the basic color for the interior of the house, but also for the facade of the house.

5. Pastel Purple Paint

 Source: Unsplash
Purple is often described as a mysterious color.
But this color actually has its own advantages for the best minimalist house colors that exist today.
Soft purple, although not a common color, is easy to make and versatile to mix and match.
If you're a fan of pastel purples, you might think that pairing this color with white, pink, and silver is perfect.

6. Light Brown Paint

Source: Pexels
If you want to give your home a luxurious and elegant impression, then light brown is the best choice.
The impression of luxury and elegance does not only radiate from the exterior paint, but also the light brown interior will feel perfect.
In addition to giving the impression of luxury, light brown is also easy to make.
Not only in the color game, the choice of furniture also complements the light brown color, so the match is just right.

7. Gray paint

Source: Pexels
In a minimalist home, the use of monochromatic colors is often a favorite inspiration, one of which is the use of gray in the house.
Although classified as a rather neutral color and dark in color, gray has a characteristic.
Combining these colors with other colors creates a very interesting gradation that gives a masculine impression.
In addition to being combined with monochrome, gray can also be combined with orange and dark blue.
This combination will definitely look natural.

8. Brick Red Paint

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The classic and elegant impression always radiates from the brick red color, especially when applied to the interior wall paint of a house.
Not only a classic feel, the brick red color also gives a fresh feel and beautifies the house, especially if it is applied in the family room it will be even more perfect.
To create a unique impression, the brick red color will look harmonious with the white and yellow colors.

9. White paint

Source: Pexels
Known as a timeless color, white can also be the best minimalist home color inspiration, you know.
In addition to the use of themes and the application of house color effects, good furniture applications also add to the aesthetic value of white paint.
Not only monochromatic effects, there are many very interesting white color inspirations, one of which is white with off-white and crush white effects that look classy.
Minimalist home color inspiration not only adds aesthetic value, but can also bring a positive aura to the house and its residents.
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