9 Inspirations for Designing a Luxury 2-Story House with a Pool and Garden to Make Your Home More Elegant!

For those who are still confused about the design of a 2-storey luxury house with a swimming pool and garden, the following portrait might be the best inspiration. 
Which one do you want to choose? Friends of boelroom.com, there are those who want to have their dream home. 
A house built according to a dream makes us feel at home and comfortable to live in. 
However, not a few people are struggling to achieve their dream home. 
One of them is design. In addition to using the services of an architect, you can also look for other references to build a 2-storey luxury house with a swimming pool and garden. 
Well, the inspiration for the design of a 2-story house with a pool and garden below can be used as a reference. 
Please choose according to your needs and the most interesting. 

9 2-storey luxury house designs with pools and gardens 

1. Minimalist 2-storey house 

Source: ohiomlsflatfee.com 
The presence of a pool and garden in a 2-story mansion is the right combination. 
In addition to adding aesthetic value, both can make the house more aesthetic. 
An example is a small garden by the pool, like the design of this house. 
A minimalist home style that complements a pond and garden can be the best inspiration. 

2. Luxury 2 floors, minimalist swimming pool 

Source: caandesign.com 
If the first inspiration was a swimming pool with a minimalist garden, then this 2-storey mansion is just the opposite. 
A medium-sized swimming pool with a fairly large and neatly arranged garden. 
While the architectural style is a villa with a modern design. 

3. Classic house with natural decoration 

Source: instagram/tantiliapianawati 
The house is the result of classic style finishes and natural finishes. 
Residential materials can not be separated from the elements of wood to stone. 
The garden area is in the form of natural elements, with rocks, grass and plants arranged in such a way. The swimming pool is open and minimal in size. 

4. Modern 2-storey house, swimming pool and minimalist garden 

 Source: houseanddecors.com 
This luxury 2-storey house with swimming pool and garden is modern in design. 
The house paint colors make the house look elegant, while the glass walls help with natural lighting. This residence occupies an area of ​​235 square meters and consists of various facilities. 
Starting from three bedrooms, four bathrooms, foyer, kitchen, terrace, dining room, minimalist garden, and private swimming pool. 
Friends of boelroom.com, interested in building a house like this? 

5. 2-storey house with big swimming pool and garden 

Source: ristrutturaconmade.it 
This luxury 2-storey villa with pool and garden is located on a large plot of land. 
However, not all plots have a main building. 
The presence of a swimming pool and a minimalist garden makes this residence even cooler. 
The minimalist swimming pool complements the green garden area with trees, ornamental plants, grass and gazebos. 

6. Cool 2-storey house with swimming pool 

Source: instagram/gittaprima09
Who is not impressed by the design of this 2-storey mansion with a pool and garden? A solid, simple, and elegant home design makes the house cooler. 
This monochrome concept house has a small swimming pool and a small garden. 
Both add a beautiful and aesthetic impression to the residence. 

7. Elegant 2-storey house with a large swimming pool 

Source: engelvoelkers.com 
The next inspiration is a 2-storey mansion with a large swimming pool and garden. 
The design of the house looks elegant because of the modern architectural style. 
In addition, there is a balcony overlooking the garden and swimming pool. 
Plants in the yard of this house ranging from bananas to palm trees. 

8. Luxury 2-storey house with big swimming pool 

Source: instagram/esparindo 
The design of a 2-story luxury house with a swimming pool and garden can be another inspiration. 
The interesting thing about this house is the large swimming pool. 
A swimming pool with a garden is more beautiful 

9. 2-storey classic modern house with back pool 

Source: instagram/contractorkolamrenang_

ganesha This luxury 2 storey house with pool and garden features a modern classic style. 
This can be seen from the building style, decoration, and solid fence design. 
The swimming pool and house garden are in the backyard. 
The design of the swimming pool is large, while the garden by the pool is small. 
For that, please prepare a large enough land if you are interested in such a design. 
Also find out the price of a swimming pool which is quite expensive.  
I hope it inspires boelroom.com friends. 
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