8 Simple Small Flat House Design Inspirations That Are Beautiful and Functional

Are you looking for small and simple horizontal house pictures with aesthetics? Come on, check out this article for inspiration. 
Recently, more and more people want to build a terrace house, but are constrained by the limited land. However, this problem can be overcome by building a simple small horizontal house that is still functional and beautiful. 
There are still many people who do not believe that they can only build row houses, but still present architecture that attracts the attention of anyone who sees it. 
Well, this time boelroom.com America has collected simple horizontal small house design inspiration that you can use as a reference.  Starting from various sources, let's look at the portrait in this article. 

8 Simple Small House Design Inspirations 

1. Sleek but long 2-story house 

Source: dezeen.com

 This ultra-thin house is only about 2.7 meters wide, and voila. This 2-storey building is also designed with a length of 27 meters. Although narrow, the space needs of this house can be met because of the vertical space and taking advantage of the length of the existing land. 

2. Minimalist small apartment 

Source: idntimes.com 
This simple little house is perfect for a new family with 2 children. Even though the size is small, the impression is so elegant and luxurious, as well as the beauty that emerges from the green yard and garden of the house. 

3. Flat-top cubic bungalow 

Source: furnishing.com
Cube-shaped house with a flat roof. With this form, you can get a wider room so you can leave the land for the yard or back porch. 

4. Spire Bungalow 

Source: Instagram.com/rumahjogjajogja
The concept of a gable roof, aka a gable roof, is in high demand lately. So do not be surprised if many people apply this design at home. Like the inspiration above, if you like a house with spires, with a different touch, you can paint the facade in various colors like the picture above. 

5. house width 3m 

Source: Instagram.com/designrumah_minimalis
 Admittedly, most homes in the United States have land that extends backwards, and often such land makes it difficult to design a home. But don't worry, tiny houses can look best with simple horizontal dwellings like the one pictured above. So even though it looks cramped from the outside, there is still plenty of room inside to support daily activities at home. 

6. Minimalist level house 

Source: rumahkuunik.com 
 This small and simple horizontal house design has a modern element. The house is furnished with marble and reddish brown brick walls. Although not equipped with a garage, the house has a garage to store vehicles. The carport is also equipped with a balcony, so you don't have to worry about your vehicle being exposed to rain or sunlight. 

7. Modern Minimalist Horizontal House 

Source: instagram.com/rdyunita 
On an area of ​​60 m2, the house can look sturdy and beautiful with an aesthetic design. Even though it doesn't have a piece of land left, this house still has a terrace that is wide enough to relax. The colors that are presented are so bright that it makes it clean and airy. 

8. Contemporary level house 

 Source: Instagram.com/rumahjogjajogja 
This house is built on a land area of ​​100 square meters with a building area of ​​103 square meters. 
With a modern and compact concept, this house looks different from the others.  
Those are some simple horizontal small house designs that you can choose from. 
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