7 Minimalist House Design Inspirations 2 Floor Type 36 Corner The house looks more charming!

Minimalist 2-storey house type 36 corner Minimalist 2-storey house type 36 corner

The following is a minimalist 2-storey house design with 36 corners that can be used as inspiration to make the house look more attractive. Come on, read the review and see some photos!
Due to its ideal location and relatively low price, Type 36 houses are in great demand by the public.
For small families or newlyweds who want to buy a house, this type of apartment is often the most realistic choice.
However, over time, residents may feel the need and demand a more spacious home.
Instead of buying a new one, increase the number of floors, especially if your house is in a corner or what is commonly called a hook house.
The reason is, this type of house has several advantages, including better air circulation and a higher selling price.
Let's look at our summary of the minimalist 2-storey house design type 36 corners from various sources.

7 Minimalist House Designs 2 Floor Type 36 Corners

1. Maximize Garden Area

Owners of a minimalist 2-story house Type 36 can take advantage of several areas to be used as a garden.
In addition to the front yard, you can also choose a garden next to the house according to your needs.
In addition, for the second floor, it is important to choose the window size so that the facade looks more beautiful than other dwellings.

2. Design a house with a unique decoration

Source: rumah123.com

Minimalist 2-storey house type 36 corners with decorative additions to the front area that will surely impress guests or those who see it.
Plus, add subdued colors and lots of window options.
Maybe, even though the floor area of ​​the house is only 36 square meters, the design is far from simple.
You can consider the image above and use it as an inspiration for a charming corner type 36 house on the second floor.

3. Minimalist apartment with 36 corners on the second floor

Source: informazone.com

Carrying a simple style, especially the facade of a 2-storey house with 36 corners can also be an option, lo.
However, you can still give a different touch in various ways.
One option is a partition between the front porch and the garden or carport.
In this way, the house seems to have a different vibe compared to similar residences around it.
4. Modern House Design with Second Floor Balcony
Minimalist 2-storey house type 36 corner Minimalist 2-storey house type 36 corner
Source: kiamedia.my.id
Carrying a contemporary style by adding a 2nd floor balcony on Type 36 might be an alternative that is worth trying.
Not only that, you can also use the front area as a carport or vehicle parking area.
At the same time, in order to feel spacious, consider the style of the interior of the open space, especially if there are many windows, the air circulation is better.

5. Tropical Minimalist House

Source: instagram.com/modelrumahminimalis
The concept of tropical simplicity of many Type 36 homes is very popular.
This style will be more pronounced if your house has 2 floors.
Choose a few plants or trees that feel right in the front area to add a heavy natural feel.
This is considered cool for the householder, and voila.

6. Highlight Color Combinations

Source: instagram.com/rumahmewahbandung123
Not only white, the 36 corner house facade will look different when you dare to combine colors.
In order not to collide with each other, choose colors that are not too flashy.
However, this combination will show and give the impression that the residence has 2 floors, even though the area is not too large.

7. House with 2 . canopy

Source: gmboel.com
Source: gmboel.com
Since it can be made this way, the option of installing a 2nd floor canopy is worth considering.
The reason is, the residence will be more functional and look magnificent.
Besides being used for various household purposes, this 2nd floor canopy can also be used as a vehicle protection device.
The picture above is fun for your dream home, isn't it?
The following is a minimalist 2-storey house design type 36 corners that you can use as inspiration, Friend boelroom.com
Hopefully useful, yes.
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