7 minimalist and very modern home design ideas on a fish pond

Friends of boelroom.com, want a cool and comfortable house to live in? Just build a house with a fish pond on stilts! Check out the various house designs above the fish pond here!
For those who often go to the countryside, you may have seen a house built on a fish pond.
This house is synonymous with a beautiful and cool dwelling, thanks to the gurgling water in the fish pond.
However, who would have thought you could apply this village house into modern architecture?
Check out various home design ideas on a minimalist fish pond from the simple to the luxurious below!

House Design Ideas Above a Minimalist Fish Pond

1. Japanese house above the fish pond

Source: boelroom.com
The design of the house above the first fish pond is very unique because the building looks very Japanese.
You can find the Japanese style of architectural frames made entirely of bare wood.
The entire walls of this house are opened with large glass windows, so you can easily see the pool area.
Because it is located above a swimming pool, this building was built on stilts so that water does not enter the interior of the house.

2. Design a house above a beautiful fish pond

Source: dezeen.com
The house next door looks beautiful because of its modern and rustic style.
The frame of the building is made of iron so that it gives a modern impression, while the roof is covered with fibers, giving the house a rustic impression.
To facilitate access to the fish pond, the residence is equipped with a folding door that allows the inside area to blend with the outside area of ​​the house.
There is also an open terrace above the fish pond, which can be used as a place to relax with friends and family.

3. Cool mulberry stilt house

Source: kibrispdr.org
The design of the house above the fish pond next door must often be seen in the countryside.
His dwelling was right in the middle of the pond, and the bamboo walls were woven into a hut, making it look like a hut.
Entering the house, there is a small ceramic bridge with attractive green ornamental plants.

4. The design of the ancient house above the fish pond

Source: content.id
For those of you who like traditional country-style houses, you can use this house as inspiration.
This wooden house has a typical old house style with warm wooden walls.
Uniquely, to get to the house area, you have to jump over some rocks first.
The combination of this log cabin and fish pond gives a beautiful and cool impression to your home.

5. Modern house above the fish pond

Source: casaindonesia.com
You can apply the design of the house above the fish pond into a contemporary style house.
This house is actually built on the ground, but seems to blend with the fish pond in the garden of the house.
This is because the fish pond is made so large that it almost merges with the wall of the house.
The presence of a bridge that connects several areas of the house also adds to the impression that the house is floating on water.

6. Modern house design with fish pond

Source: grid.id
This next idea is also for those who don't want the whole house to be above a fish pond.
You can save on construction costs by making a fish pond around the house.
What makes this residence unique is the room in the house that can float without a support.
In this floating part there is also a small waterfall that drains water into the pool area.

7. A house above a charming simple fish pond

Source: gmboel.com
The design of the house above the last fish pond looks simple but still charming.
The house is designed on stilts and next to a fish pond.
The building is also built in a rustic style, with woven bamboo walls and wooden windows.
Various green plants can be added to the edge of the fish pond to make the house feel cooler and more beautiful.
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