7 Inspirations of European Style 1 Floor Luxury Home Models 4 million favorites!

European style 1 storey mansion European style 1 storey mansion

The inspiration for this European style 1-story luxury house is a must-see for those of you who are planning to have an aesthetically pleasing home. Come on, see the portrait in the description below.
Before building the best house, we should first consider the desired home design.
Today, there are many very nice and unique home designs.
One of them is European house design.
The European-style house itself is charming, and of course has its own characteristics.
In fact, this European-style house can be found in old buildings or government offices, a legacy of ancient colonialism.
Given the tall and impressive features, European-style houses are often associated with buildings of 2-4 floors.
In fact, a one-story house can also adopt a European style!
Well, this time boelroom.com Indonesia has collected inspiration for the design of a European-style 1-story house which you can see in the description below.

7 European Style 1-Story Luxury House Model Inspirations

1. Classic European style house

Source: prntr.com

This house-inspired floor is made high so you can add a ladder to the terrace.
The fence on the right and left of the terrace also adds a classic aesthetic impression to the house.

2. Simple European style house

Source: instagram.com/britaniabekasiofficially

If you only have a small land, you can still build a European-designed house.
Like the simple house picture above, you can add horizontal line elements to the front of the house to combine it with bright colors.
For the roof, choose a dark gable roof, typical of European houses.

3. Small European-style house

 Source: homeshabby.com

If you only have a small plot of land, there is no need to grieve.
The reason is, you can still have a 1-story European-style house that is modern, luxurious and comfortable.
Like a classic one-story European house that looks luxurious with beige wall paint colors and decorative lights on the walls.

4. European style 1-storey house with garage

Source: Instagram @therumahklasik
This one-story European-style mansion has a large garage next to it.
With a 1-story house design like this, you can have enough space for your favorite vehicle without worrying about rain and heat.
Then, the size of the garage which is quite spacious can also accommodate two-wheeled vehicles, aka motorbikes.

5. A simple European-style house with a chimney

Source: houseplans.com
The chimney seems to have become the hallmark of a European-style house.
The reason is, there is winter in Europe, a heating stove is needed and it is connected to the chimney.
In US with low temperature highlands, of course you can still add a chimney design for aesthetics or as a burning place when the rainy season arrives.

6. Scandinavian-style European house

Source: thehousedesigners.com

This Scandinavian design house is suitable for mountain applications.
The dominant stone elements can give a classic and modern impression.
Then, the yard overgrown with trees increasingly becomes the perfect accent for the house.

7. European-style minimalist house

Source: designrumah.co.id

This last European style 1-story house inspiration has a unique minimalist element
The minimalist classic impression is highlighted by using a white fence around the house, especially if your yard is spacious.
Hopefully this information is useful for friends at boelroom.com!
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