7 Inspiration for a natural and aesthetic garage or carport wooden canopy design inspiration. Come on, try it at your house!

garage wooden roof designs garage wooden roof designs

Friends of boelroom.com, interested in installing a warming wooden canopy for your front yard? Check out various inspirations for garage or carport wooden canopy designs here, come on!

For those of you who have a vehicle, motorbike or car at home, of course you must have a closed garage or carport.

The presence of a canopy can make your vehicle more protected from the hot sun and rain.

Canopies are usually made of iron, mild steel or polycarbonate, but you can also find wooden canopies, you know!

Check out the various inspirations for the following garage or carport wooden roof designs, come on!

Garage or Carport Wood Canopy Design Inspiration

1. Modern wood canopy steel frame

Source: americandesign.com

The first garage wood canopy was inspired by modern design and made using an iron frame.

The use of an iron frame makes this canopy more durable and not easily damaged.

At the same time, the canopy roof is covered with thin wooden planks that contrast with the iron frame.

To add lighting to the front of the house, this canopy is also equipped with two outdoor lights attached to a wooden board.

2. Minimalist wooden pergola with glass roof

Source: grid.id

The next design is a carport with a wooden pergola canopy.

The wooden poles are made of planks that are spaced so that sunlight can enter the carport area.

The canopy roof is also covered with glass so that the rain doesn't hit your car or motorcycle.

3. Design of floating wooden canopy with cantilever structure

Source: arsitag.com

The inspiration for the next garage wood canopy design is a modern house floating canopy.

As before, this canopy is made of wooden planks attached to a sturdy iron frame.

However, unlike other canopies, this canopy appears to float without crutches.

This is because the canopy is made of a cantilevered structure, which keeps it stable even without support.

4. Natural wood canopy that blends into the house

Source: sejasa.com

If you are interested in owning a log house, the next picture is for you to get inspired.

This canopy blends in with the house because it is made of the same wood that covers the exterior walls of the house.

In addition, this canopy is also elongated so that it can also be used as a roof terrace area.

This way you don't have to worry about getting out of the car and entering the house when it's raining.

5. Warm Brown Garage Wooden Pergola

warm pergola garage wood canopy designs warm pergola garage wood canopy designs
Source: kanopitop.com

This inspiration applies to the simple American home.

This pergola is made of warm brown wood in a color that matches the door and window frames of the house.

To make the carport look spacious, you can remove the support rods and attach the canopy to the wall of the house.

6. Wooden Canopy Design with Fabric Roof

fabric roof modern carport roof fabric roof modern carport roof
Source: content.co.id

In addition to combining with glass, you can also combine a garage wood canopy with a cloth roof.

This gives the impression of a natural, luxurious and unique canopy because not many people have a cloth roof.

However, the fabric roof is not very rain resistant and can seep water if it is hit by heavy rain.

7. Besides the house, the garage wood canopy is cool

Source: americandesign.com

The best garage wood canopy design is a garage that is separate from your home area.

This canopy is like an open barn with wooden support posts and a tiled roof.

This canopy frame is thicker and stronger than the previous canopy, so it is more durable and not easily damaged.

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