5 Unique and Modern Side Door Design Inspirations

 front door house design side door house design side door

The design of the front entrance facing the side is still rarely used today. However, there is no harm in applying this concept to get a unique facade look. Interested in using it? Check out the inspiration!

Currently, many houses are designed with various ideas, one of which is a house with a door facing the side of the building.

Generally the front door of a house faces forward, but now there are also house designs that face the side.

From a feng shui perspective, a gate facing to the side is considered to provide harmony between a building and its occupants.

Usually the direction of its application is adjusted to the zodiac of the home owner.

Well, for those of you who are interested in applying the gate to the side, the following design can be your inspiration!

5 Design Inspirations for the Main Door of the Side House

1. Industrial wind side front door house design

front door house design side door house design side door
Source: homeshabby.com

The industrial-style house looks unique with the front door facing to the side.

From the front, the exterior of the house with exposed brick walls and a pointed roof with a door looks unique because it does not have a door.

For privacy, decorations such as guardrails can also be added to the doorway area.

2. Main entrance facing modern classic style

Modern Classical House Modern Classical House
source : homeshabby.com

The design of the front door facing the next door is modern and classic, simple and elegant.

In addition to its attractive design, the patio area is equipped with a small deck and fence like a typical classic style guardrail.

For door colors, also use colors that match the architecture of the house for a uniform design.

3. Modern and stylish side door design

front door house design side door house design side door
Source : housingkita.com

Modern style house with side door.

The facade of the house complements the side doors and the red asphalt roof.

The house also has a deck on the terrace and additional covering to make the front area of ​​the house more shaded and protected.

4. Simple side gate

door opposite door
Source: content.co.id

The following house designs are often found in urban and rural areas.

The building is in a simple modern style, with one of the brightly colored walls being the focal point of the front of the house.

The patio and carport areas also feel comfortable and shady, with the addition of a canopy roof that protects the area.

5. Tropical style side gate house design

source : homify.com

The main entrance faces the next door and is designed with a tropical feel that is comfortable and modern.

The house uses wood elements to make the atmosphere of the house feel cooler and natural.

At the entrance, the terrace is also covered with a roof so that the house is protected from raindrops and the hot sun.

The door of the house according to feng shui

In Feng Shui itself, the front door of the house is very important and needs attention.

The reason is, the main entrance is related to energy entering and leaving the house.

This affects the livelihood and fortune of its inhabitants.

When designing a feng shui gate, there are several things to consider, such as:

  •     Ingredient,
  •     size,
  •     color,
  •     door with stairs,
  •     Location,
  •     direction, and
  •     other.

Therefore, several designs of side facing main gates are available as an option.

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