5 Elegant Dutch Colonial House Designs That Look Beautiful

In some corners of the country's cities, typical Dutch colonial house designs can still be seen, with their own historical value.
This phenomenon is understandable because the Dutch have colonized the United States for the last few decades.
Many Dutch expatriate homes in the United States have a unique and classic colonial style.
Even after thinking about it for a long time, colonial-style house designs still have a place in the hearts of some classic house lovers!
We have collected 5 of the best colonial house designs that still look relevant and livable today.
Let's take a look at the full portrait below.

1. Colonial Classical House Design

This first home inspiration has a fairly large patio area at the front.
There are large, distinctive colonial wooden windows and doors.
Then there are 4 pillars in the middle that support the roof of the big house.
There is a bookshelf on the right for residents to read during breaks.
To improve air circulation, there are 2 ceiling fans above the table.

2. Modern Colonial House Design

Next is a building that looks very neat and beautiful on the front.
The large front yard area fills the house with various green plants.
Ceramic material is then used on one side of the garden path with beautiful red, cream, and white motifs.
Then use a white base color that is very dominant on the exterior of the house.
Like typical Dutch architecture, there are many windows around the house to support good air circulation.

3. Colonial Art House Design

Third, there is a relatively small house design.
Although this house is not big, the front design is very artistic.
This can be seen from the various unique carvings on the outer walls of the house.
In addition to white, the outer corner of the house has a touch of brown that looks beautiful.
Not to forget, this house also has many windows that function as air and light entrances into the house.

4. Minimalist Colonial House Design

If you like a minimalist home design but still have a colonial feel, you can check out this inspiration.
The house, which was built in 1914, still retains its distinctly Dutch philosophy.
Of course, there are a few new nuances for home improvement purposes.
This residence has a front porch that is not too wide, but can still be used to sit around while enjoying tea or coffee.
The front garden is used as a place to plant grass and green trees, making the atmosphere of the house more shady and beautiful.

5. Colonial Classical Home Design (2)

source: Mondasiregar.wordpress
Finally, there is the second classic Dutch colonial house design.
From the front it is clear that the house has the concept of the 1940s.
One thing that distinguishes this colonial house from the others is the canopy design that curves downwards above the terrace of the house.
Then in the park there is a wide meadow and several types of trees that are planted neatly and beautifully.
Well, those are 5 typical Dutch colonial house designs that still look classy today.
Of the five designs above, which one is your favourite?
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