45 Types of Design and Exterior of House Plan Development

House type 45 is included in the category of small house. If you want to develop it, here are 4 type 45 house plans and how they look!
Land prices are increasingly expensive and continue to soar every year, making many people now prefer smaller homes.
Some standard small house types that are widely chosen are 36, 45 and 54.
Residential Type 45 may be the right answer for those of you who want a wider house, but not too big either.
Generally, Type 45 houses are built on an area of ​​95 square meters.
Because it is quite spacious, this 45 family unit can be built with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and a minimalist garden at the front and back of the house.
Examples of the Best 45 Types of House Plans
The first thing that must be prepared in the construction of a house is to determine the design needed.
When finalizing the design, you can review the requirements and then create a list of rooms that need to be added.
This design change can be shown in the Type 45 house plan.
Well, for those who need inspiration, you can see an example of a Type 45 house plan and its development.
Quoted from the book Commerce Swadaya entitled 22 Designs for the Construction of Hook Houses, here is an example!
house 1
Alternative design preferred
Type 45 units are located on plots of land, with a land area of ​​150 square meters and a building area of ​​45 square meters.
The addition of family members makes homeowners want to develop their homes.
Seen from the floor plan of 45 units above, the development carried out is an alternative to the development of a one-story horizontal house.
The result of this development is the creation of 3 bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom.
In addition, the kitchen space was moved to the back and expanded.
The appearance of the facade of the house has also changed.
The color of the building is dominated by gray, with striking details on the terrace and carport.
Second design
From the Type 45 house plan above, there is an alternative to developing two floors of the same house.
In the development of this design, the ground floor plan is almost similar to the previous plan.
At the top there are several new rooms such as a bedroom, a housekeeper's room and a bathroom.
The white beige which became the dominant color on the walls in the original design was maintained.
Extra orange was chosen as the accent color.
house 2
Alternative design preferred
The next house has a plot of 104 square meters.
This Type 45 house is unique because it is above the ground with steep terrain.
Because of this, the ground floor of the building rises from the ground, leveling the base of the building.
Since there is not much space left, it is difficult for the house to expand horizontally.
Therefore, in the first alternative design, the addition of new space is not too much because of the limited land area.
The only change in space is the position of the front bedroom and living room or terrace, so that the carport can be longer.
The only new space added is the laundry room on the right side of the building.
Second design
To get around the limited land in the first alternative design, the architects developed a house on two floors.
In this 1 unit 45 family plan, the composition of the space has changed a lot to make it look wider.
On the second floor there are many new rooms such as an additional 2 bedrooms, a family room and a bathroom.
The facade looks very different.
The white wall paint color was changed to beige and combined with brown as an accent.
The walls are also decorated with natural stone, which makes it look even more beautiful.
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