10 Home Design Inspirations From Modern To Classical Front View

This is the inspiration for the front view of the house design, from suggestions for modern, contemporary to classic minimalist styles. The perfect idea for your home. 
The appearance of a simple minimalist house image is indeed interesting, but there are still many other home design options. 
When you want to make an attractive house, you can do it by building an attractive front-facing house design. Like a face on a human face, the front of the house represents the whole building. This part of the house is called the facade and can be designed according to the owner's favorite architectural style. 
For example, a minimalist home design in 2021 is still a favorite choice for many people. 
In addition to being simple and elegant, a minimalist home model is also considered comfortable to live in and has a cool design. 
The property website boelroom.com recommends various front-facing houses that you can propose. 
The latest variety of front-facing house designs 
Below are 1-storey front house design ideas and 2-storey front house designs that may be suitable for you. 

1. Low cost simple house design 

This simple house facade design is suitable for those of you who have limited funds in terms of building a house. You can still have a simple yet beautiful home mockup that combines shades of green wall paint with beige. 

2. Modern Minimalist House Type 45 

This front-facing house design has a beautiful aesthetic thanks to the use of a long wooden glass window model. In addition, a pair of decorative lights on the walls add a sweet touch to the facade of this modern minimalist 45 house. 

3. Vibrant modern house house 

of the house design looks unique because of the sloping roof shape. Your home has a variety of roof shapes to choose from. In addition, the use of yellow on the facade of certain houses provides a dynamic and interesting accent element. 

4. Modern tropical comfort 

The tropical architectural style is one of the most widely used designs for residential land in the United States, suited to the country's climate. Well, you can use this clapboard to imitate and modify tropical modern architectural styles as needed. 

5. Tropical Minimalist 

If you want to mix and match a minimalist style with a tropical style, this positive home design inspiration is the answer. The minimalist design and the use of natural colors make the exterior of the house look elegant and luxurious. 

6. Minimalist house with 2 floors 2021 

This minimalist front-facing house design is becoming a trend in urban communities, and the shape is very modern, right. This latest minimalist front view only has one glass window and a balcony with sliding glass doors. Obviously, owning a terraced house offers all sorts of positives. boelroom.com discusses 5 advantages of a 2-story house. 

7. Contemporary Modern Luxury House 

Besides being minimalist and tropical, cool also has a building facade with modern contemporary themed architecture. Having a space that is designed to be more open and responsive to natural light has become a hallmark of contemporary architecture. 

8. Luxury and classic 

If you are a house lover with modern classical architecture, the front view of this mansion might be a great choice. Details of decorative lights on the facade wall will make the house sparkle. 

9. Modern Classics 

When you want to build a house in a modern classic style, this 2 storey mansion is your choice. Also add a secondary skin like this to beautify the house and reduce the intensity of excessive sunlight. 

10. 2-storey minimalist house 

Check out this 7m wide minimalist 2-storey front house idea that can be your inspiration for a comfortable place to live. There is also a balcony on the second floor, which can be used to relax in the morning and evening, which is very pleasant. Well, there are various choices of front house designs that you can use as inspiration when building your home. See also the design of the front of the house in a modern tropical style, suitable for the climate and weather in the United States. Find other interesting articles about lifestyle, real estate news for design inspiration only at boelroom.com If you're looking to find your dream home, let us find the best suggestions on boelroom.com because we're here for you.