Wow! The result of decorating apartment 36/72 is so luxurious?

Who says a tiny house always seems cramped and cramped? It turns out that this 36/72 floor plan can make a tiny house look luxurious!

House type 36/72, you will often see this information in the house manual.

But, do you know what that means?

These numbers represent the type of house.

36/72 units are minimalist units

Residential type 36 is a house with a built area of 36 square meters.

Generally, Type 36 houses can be built on 60 square meters or 72 square meters of land.

Well, the 36/72 unit type means the house building area is 36 square meters and the land area is 72 square meters.

This type of house is included in the minimalist home category.

The contents of the house usually consist of 2 bedrooms, 1 living room combined with a family room, kitchen and 1 bathroom.

Not surprisingly, the 36/72 unit is mostly the choice of the middle class, newlyweds or small families with one child.

Because of its small size, many people consider the 36/72 house as a simple house that cannot be maximized in design.

Converting 36/72 units, small units can also be luxury

In fact, even a small house can look luxurious if you renovate a type 36/72 house.

Don't believe? In this article, Rumah123 will provide some examples of the results of home renovations of type 36/72 from the YouTube Design Rumah 36 account.

How is the result?

first house

This 72 sqm house has a carport for a car, a family room and living room that turns into a bedroom, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a laundry room.

Carport in the house measuring 4 x 3 m. The garden area is 2 x 3 m.

Entering the house, there is a living room and family room measuring 3x3 square meters.

Next to it is a dining room measuring 3 x 2.7 m, separated by a wooden screen.

In the same row of the dining table, there is a small kitchen with a set of kitchen utensils. The kitchen area is 2.7 x 1.5 m.

The laundry room is at the back and measures 2.7 x 1.5 m.

Next to it is a children's bedroom measuring 3 x 2.7 m.

Opposite the children's room is the master bedroom measuring 3 x 3 meters.

second house

The exterior of the house has not changed much, so it still looks like a developer's house in general.

After entering the fence there is a carport and a small garden.

Entering the house, there is a living room with a neutral gray sofa.

A little further back, there is a family room where the residents of the house can chat.

At the back of the family room, there is a small kitchen. There are bedrooms on the left and right.

At the back of the house, there is a bathroom and laundry room.

third house

Who says 36/72 units can't be converted into three bedrooms?

Prove that this house can be maximized into three rooms.

When entering the house, there is a living room and family room.

In addition to the three rooms, there is a bathroom, kitchen, laundry and drying room.

There is no separate family room from the living room and dining table, because the rest of the space is maximized as a bedroom.

Fourth house

Monochromatic minimalist homes like this are booming lately.

Moreover, a residence with a land area of 72㎡ is very suitable for applications!

Home carport can park cars.

Next to the carport, there is a terrace where you can sit.

Entering the house, there is a living room and family room.

There is also a minibar concept dining table and a kitchen in the room.

The house comes with an open space concept, so there is no partition between rooms with different functions.

Behind the kitchen there is a laundry and drying room.

Don't forget there are also two bedrooms and a bathroom.

fifth house

Unlike the previous house which only had one floor, this house has two floors.

The courtyard of the house is made into a carport and a small garden.

On the ground floor there is a living room, dining table and kitchen, bedroom and stairs to the second floor.

Behind the kitchen there is a bathroom and pantry.

Up to the second floor, there is a family room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and an outdoor laundry and drying room.