8 Inspirational Minimalist Home Aluminum Kitchen Window Models | Make the kitchen look more beautiful and bright

Cooking in the kitchen should be fun. For that, you can solve this problem with a minimalist household aluminum kitchen window model.

Cooking in the kitchen can be very tiring and tedious, especially if the air circulation is not properly directed through the kitchen vents.

If this happens often, you will feel stuffy and stuffy while cooking.

You can do this by making windows to get fresh air.

Another way, of course, is to install a range hood, of course, if you have more money,

The kitchen window can be sized according to the size of the room or create a minimal window model in a small kitchen at home.

One of them, here is a minimalist home aluminum kitchen window model that can be easily imitated.

Minimalist Home Aluminum Kitchen Window Model Inspiration

1. Sliding kitchen window

Source : mirachinterior.id

You can apply a minimalist aluminum window to a simple and spacious kitchen design, it is the right choice.

For better air circulation, the kitchen window should be wider

Also give a broad impression to the room by using bright color wall paint, it can be white or matching.

Of course, having a sliding kitchen window that you use adds to the aesthetic value of the kitchen.

2. Small kitchen window

Source: Diadona.id

For those who have a Type 36 house, this small kitchen window can be an option so that air can flow in and out.

Leave the garden behind the house so that there is also a kitchen window, usually this type of house also has a back area.

Just choose a medium-sized glass that is easy to open and close so the flow can change.

3. Kitchen window near the stove

Source: blog.duniamasak.com/

If making large or medium-sized minimalist aluminum windows is difficult, you can work around this.

Just try showing a small window with curtains or roller blinds, it can be adjusted to your needs.

The presence of a small window can already be a solution for air ventilation and the room is no longer stuffy.

4. Minimalist kitchen with open windows

Source: trendty.com

This type is an attractive minimalist home aluminum kitchen window model, suitable if the kitchen is large enough,

Make the window a little wider and have a door-like design that can be opened and closed easily.

The kitchen will be more attractive if the backyard is still full of trees.

Therefore, cold air from a garden full of plants can enter the kitchen and house.

5. Unique three-door aluminum window

Source : Hipwee

The option to create a minimalist aluminum window is also available in the three-door version shown.

Don't hesitate to place sweetener garnishes in the form of beautiful ornamental plants.

You can also mix and match dark and elegant colors such as brown, gold, gray and black.

In addition to the comfortable atmosphere, the beauty of the kitchen also makes cooking more enjoyable.

6. Minimalist Small Window Model For Narrow Houses

Source : mirachinterior.id

For those who have a house in a narrow area, just make a small window like this for kitchen ventilation.

This minimalist small aluminum window does not take up much space when opened or closed.

In addition, this window still brings sunlight and air into the room.

As a sweet decoration, simply add small ornamental plants into pots in certain corners of the window.

7. Minimalist aluminum window near the sink

 source: Made in China

This minimalist home aluminum kitchen window model can be a great addition to a home.

You can use aluminum material then paint it white and apply it in your home kitchen.

Compared with the stove, the window position can be installed near the sink, which is convenient for washing dishes.

If you want to add decoration, there's nothing wrong with a place for ornamental plants or fruits.

8. Garden View Rear Minimalist Aluminum Kitchen Window

Source: alwindows.com.au

If you have a minimalist small house, it doesn't mean you can't bring a garden at the back of the house.

Just make a small garden where you can see the children playing while cooking.

The choice of a monochrome look to beautify the kitchen, and the black and white color scheme is really elegant.

So about the minimalist home aluminum kitchen window model. Hopefully useful, yes.

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