8 Best Minimalist 1x3 Bedroom Designs in 2022 that Look Unique and Beautiful

Check out the best minimalist 1x3 bedroom design inspiration for a unique and aesthetic touch in your home. Find the best options here!

Bedroom design often reflects the occupants of the house, especially in terms of comfort.

So you can apply design choices in various ways to make your home look more attractive from all angles.

Choosing a minimalist bedroom design must also combine good functional and aesthetic values ​​so that residents feel more comfortable.

A very interesting way to listen is to choose the best minimalist 1x3 bedroom design inspiration at home.

What is the most aesthetic 1x3 minimalist bedroom design inspiration? Check out the discussion together!

Recommendations for the Best 2022 Best 1x3 Minimalist Bedroom Designs

Below you can choose the best minimalist 1x3 bedroom design inspiration with a very high aesthetic value:

1. Full of soft bright touch

Source: Instagram/@Rumah_mowwi

Bright concept is probably the best way to design a minimalist 1x3 bedroom design with a unique touch at home.

The choice of blue and white colors creates a very comfortable atmosphere and the best soft texture.

Not only can you choose an attractive color, but you can also add corners to the parquet floor to give it a more uniform look.

2. Presenting aesthetics with the unity of the natural atmosphere

source: Instagram/@puandinaphia

Color matching is the best choice to combine a minimalist 1x3 bedroom design with nature in the corner of the house.

Dark textured walls look elegant combined with green in the corner of the bed.

To balance the corners of the bedroom, parquet floors are provided so that the room does not get bored while resting.

3. Minimalist 1x3 bedroom design with a simple concept

Source: Instagram/@Desainruangtidur

Simplicity and comfort are the choices to create the best resting atmosphere in your home, especially with white and wood finishes.

The combination of the two looks personal and timeless, with a very bright vibe.

You can add some pictures framed in greenery to make the bedroom more meaningful while enjoying a relaxing time.

4. Soft Pink Combo

source: Instagram/@rumah_rafaaira

Beautiful from all angles, this is the best minimalist 1x3 bedroom design inspiration with a pink color combination.

Not only is the aesthetic value a priority, but the functional aspects are also well thought out from every angle.

The atmosphere in the bedroom looks very comfortable and bright, making you want to linger.

5. Monochrome in narrow spaces

Source: Instagram/@la_casita_de_rubi_

It doesn't have to be for a large area, and the best minimalist 1x3 bedroom design can be chosen for a narrow area.

Monochromatic combinations from different angles look bright and comfortable for resting at home.

There are several posters and wall decorations so that the atmosphere of the house does not look boring.

6. Choice of bright pastel colors

Source: Instagram/@dianhippy

If limitations are an obstacle, there's nothing wrong with choosing pastel colors for the best 1x3 bedroom design in your home.

The combination of white, beige, brown and gray looks very comfortable.

Attractive color choices can also be combined with rustic accents to make it look attractive.

7. Looks comfortable and beautiful

Source: Instagram/@Ibu.nana

The following minimalist 1x3 bedroom design proposal seems to have a comfortable and beautiful texture and decoration.

Decorative elements can be seen from the corners of the walls to the flat bed with a striped pattern for a simple but distinctive touch.

This comfortable and beautiful bedroom design seems to give a soft impression with very beautiful light green shades.

8. Refreshing organic concept

Source: Instagram/@Rinahertanty

Choose a minimalist 1x3 bedroom design with a touch of green that looks beautiful and refreshing from all corners of the house.

Decorative elements without mattresses enhance the atmosphere of rest and are therefore more comfortable and suitable for relaxation.

You can add an element of greenery to the wooden floor so that the atmosphere of the house looks more unified.

Those are some of the best 1x3 minimalist bedroom design suggestions that you can apply in a unique and beautiful way.

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