7 Orchid Garden Design Ideas In A Small But Very Beautiful Minimalist Home

boelroom.com - If you can't concentrate, here are some of the most aesthetically pleasing orchid garden design ideas for you to copy. You don't need a lot of land, really!

Orchids are the protagonists of Indonesian ornamental plants.

This is because the petals look very pretty when in full bloom.

In addition, maintenance is also relatively easy because it does not require a lot of materials.

Interested in building a small garden full of orchids at home?

If so, consider the following orchid garden design ideas at home as a reference, yes.

7 Orchid Garden Design Ideas For Minimalist Homes

1. Dried Orchid Garden

 Source: instagram.com/windadwiastari

First, you can use the dry garden concept for a small land behind the house.

Cover the soil surface in the garden with gravel and garden grass.

Then hang a hook on the wall and hang a pot full of orchids.

Arrange the pots in a row and fill them with various types of orchids to make them look more attractive.

2. Vertical garden on the balcony of a minimalist house

source: guardian.ng

Another option, you can use the concept of a vertical garden in the balcony area of ​​the house.

Install high boards on the balcony to hang planters.

Then, hang the pot in a slightly zigzag pattern so that the orchid can grow freely later.

To maximize land use, you can complete it by placing decorative leaf pots on the floor.

3. Simple orchid garden design for home

Source: orchidworld.tripod.com

If you don't want to bother arranging it, use a wooden shelf like the one above as a place to store orchid pots.

Choose a white shelf so that the impression is brighter and the plants will stand out when they are in bloom.

However, make sure the bottom of the shelf is slightly perforated so that excess water can drain when watering.

4. Orchid Garden Design Inspiration in Tiny Houses

Source: dailyengineering.com

Orchids are plants that you should grow in pots, not directly in the ground.

So you can make a hanger in your yard to accommodate your orchid collection pot.

Plant pots can also be hung using an overhanging roof truss that protects the area.

Later, when all the orchids bloom, one corner of your home page will definitely look cool and beautiful.

5. Place the pipe flower in the house

Source: cursenacional.cl

If you don't have open space, you can also build a small orchid garden at home.

Build a vertical shelf out of used pipes for storing potted orchids, and place it at the far end of the room near the window.

As long as you take good care of it, this plant will surely bloom even if you are at home.

6. Vertical wooden frame for growing orchids

Source: hangapot.com

The next home orchid garden design is to use vertical wooden shelves.

At first glance it looks like a coat hanger, but thicker and stronger.

Alternate the hooks along the leaves so that the orchid has enough room to grow upwards.

Interestingly, there are small wheels at the bottom so you can easily move the shelf to anywhere.

7. Garden wall design with orchids at home

Source: flickr.com

Finally, you can imitate the arrangement of this orchid garden.

The main area used is the wall of the house that limits the open space.

You can hang an orchid flower pot on this wall.

In this way the top is still protected by the roof but still gets maximum sunlight.


Those are some home orchid garden design ideas that you can imitate.

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