7 Modern Minimalist Stove Table Models That Make Kitchen Decorations Look Beautiful

There are many choices of modern minimalist stove models that become kitchen decorations. Go ahead and see the best inspiration in this post.

As an internal constituent element of the cooking area, the role of the dining table cannot be ignored.

This section is usually used to place the stove as well as the sink area.

Stoves and sinks are also commonly used for kitchen furniture.

For its shape, a minimalist kitchen table can be designed in various shapes and with various materials.

The minimalist L-shaped cast kitchen is commonly used in the Model 36 family kitchen.

In addition, many choose ceramic stoves and sink tables to beautify a minimalist home kitchen.

Well, in this discussion, boelroom.com summarizes various models of kitchen tables that can be used.

curious? Let's see what the best inspiration is.

Choice of modern minimalist stove table

1. Luxury Kitchen Countertop Model

source: instagram @dirumah.alialy

This modern minimalist kitchen table looks luxurious and elegant because it is covered with marble material.

An example of a suitable kitchen table combined with a black kitchen set and the latest white wood kitchen set.

With marble material, cooking stains on the stove can be easily cleaned.

2. Straight fireplace

 source: instagram @dapurmungil

The image of a cast kitchen table with a straight shape will save space in a narrow minimalist home.

Like this minimalist stove, you can still have a sink even if you are in a small place.

The presence of minimalist hexagonal wall tiles makes this tiny kitchen even more beautiful.

3. Fireplace Inspired Table With Fabric Curtains

Source: instagram @vella_ves

If you want to make a simple modern minimalist cooktop look stunning, try installing curtains at the bottom.

Installing curtains on ceramic hob models will also protect the furniture stored underneath from dirt and dust.

Match the pattern and color of the curtains with ceramics from a beautiful kitchen table mockup in your home.

4. Kitchen Dining Table Design Letter L

 source: Instagram @srirustiani

Don't worry about the small kitchen area, you can still have the latest minimalist dining table.

Choose a minimalist L-shaped kitchen table so that the cooking area is comfortable to use.

For example, a modern minimalist stove with the letter l in the kitchen of this subsidized room.

5. Ceramic stove

source: instagram @aisyatul_arsy

The letter l ceramic stove model complements the cream colored ceramics.

To make the kitchen dining table design more functional, you can add wooden cabinets.

Combine it with a minimalist wooden wall shelf that can be used to accommodate your plates.

6. Letter U kitchen table

source: instagram @rumahsmd

A modern minimalist stove with a u-shape will help cooking activities.

You can organize your workspace to prepare groceries, wash and cook efficiently.

Add minimalist hexagonal wall tiles for a minimalist compressor room look.

7. Elegant hob inspiration

source: instagram @inspirasi_dapur_mak

This cast image of the kitchen table looks classy with white ceramics and matching cabinets.

The modern minimalist kitchen dining table looks more luxurious with the best hoods on it.

Well, that's the choice of a modern minimalist cooktop. Hope this article was useful!

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