5 Smart Tips to Renovate an Old House to Make it Look New

boelroom.com - Decorating in older homes is often done to make the residence look younger. For 99ers who want to do this, of course, there are many important things that must be considered so that the renovation process can run smoothly. What's that? How to do it through the article below!

Many of you have inherited houses from your parents...

Happiness and confusion may be the first feelings.

Glad to be trusted to take care of it...

But confused about where to start with the renovation.

But take it easy friend 99...

You can apply some old home decorating ideas to make it look younger.

Curious how?

See below for more details!

5 Tips for Renovating an Old House

1. Use a similar paint color

house paint colors house paint colors

Although the frames and curves of an old house always look attractive, every side of the old house is damaged.

If renovated? Of course it will cost a lot.

Better to check the situation first.

If it is still solid, there is no need to disassemble all the parts.

Just repaint all the faces with the same color.

If you want to use a different color, just change the saturation.

2. Use open shelves

open shelf open shelf

It is not impossible if you have weathered shelves in your home, or even porous.

The exterior is definitely not good, so the rooms in the house look dull.

How to get through it?

You can replace it with an open wooden shelf.

Shelf designs like this can certainly bring a modern touch to a room.

Don't forget to add some retro themed looks.

3. Equipped with stained glass

stained glass greenhouse stained glass greenhouse

Ever heard of stained glass?

The glass is really thick and gives a classic impression.

The beautiful design also makes the price quite expensive.

If you have one at home, you are in luck!

Use this type of glass to decorate any room in the house.

So that the stained glass looks more prominent, you should use a neutral color paint on the walls.

Well, if you choose to use wallpaper, choose a minimalist pattern.

4. Pay attention to the placement of the curtains

Home Curtains Home Curtains

Placement of curtains is a relatively simple matter.

Even so, in fact this incident had a major impact on the decoration of the old house.

If you think the shape of the window frame is unique, it's not bad...

Curtains can be placed inside to make the frame more visible.

This approach does reduce the luxury of windows.

Instead, install curtains on the outside of the window sill.

The selection of curtains can vary, but you should use curtains that are long enough to appear more luxurious.

5. Change room function

function of the room of the house function of the room of the house

Sometimes the division of rooms in an old house can be strange.

That is, the living room of the house is spacious, but the master bedroom is in a very narrow room.

Of course it's weird isn't it?

If the condition of the house is like this, fix it by changing the function of the room.

Feeling too much of a hassle?

You can also fix this by placing a bulkhead in a room that is too wide.

In this way, you get both functions of the room at the same time.

Isn't it easy to decorate a room in an old house and make it look more modern?


Hopefully useful, boelroom friends

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