12 Unique House Design Pictures In Small Hutongs With Irregular Shapes

unique house design

boelroom - The many pictures of this unique house design show the irregular shape of the house, but maximize natural light to illuminate the house.

If you look at this house, the shape is not like an ordinary house, an ordinary house.

If the house is generally square or square, or at least the shape of the house is normal.

In fact, this unique house design still looks like an ordinary house, but has many unusual parts.

At first glance the front of the house looks like a bird's beak, then one side of the house is not geometric.

Japanese architect Fumiaso Architect & Associates designed the house called the Hat House.

This uniquely designed minimalist house is located at the foot of Mount Rokko in Kobe, Japan, and it's no wonder the contours of the land are jagged.

However, Design's design and construction page does not reveal floor area and land area.

Unique Home Design Portrait

1. Gray house exterior paint

unique house design

This simple and unique house design image shows the exterior of a house with gray paint, a unique house paint design.

Most of the house's exterior is gray, but there are many other forms of colored wood.

2. The house is in a densely populated area

unique house design

A unique portrait of a minimalist home design shows a residence located on a side street in Kobe.

The surrounding area is a densely populated area, and the houses are closely connected, and generally the houses are not fenced.

3. Unique home interior design

unique house design

The interior design of this house is unique, combining wooden floors, some concrete walls, walls and ceilings made of wood.

The layout of the living space looks semi-open, with few objects, but the architect includes some plants.

4. Doesn't feel like home in Japan

unique house design
This unique house design does not have Japanese nuances with concrete material in it.

Usually Japanese houses are built with wood because the country is often hit by earthquakes.

5. Plants in the house

unique house design

The design of the house, especially the interior, does feel unique with the floating stairs and plants.

There are many medium-sized plants in the house, as well as hanging plants.

6. Unique wooden staircase design

unique house design

In this house plan, there is one part that is no less unique, namely the floating staircase design.

The wooden stairs are designed to float, the railings are painted white using iron, while the other parts are wooden and painted white.

7. A house full of plants

unique house design

This unique 2-story house design features floating stairs and plants in various places.

You can add plants to your home or even a minimalist garden to make it look more beautiful.

8. Indoor Garden

unique house design

This house picture shows a unique home design where the garden in the house can make the house beautiful.

If you can't have a minimalist garden in front of the house or a minimalist garden in the back, the choice is inside the house.

9. Open the second floor

unique house design

Unique house design featuring a modern minimalist home design, not much, open concept.

The ceiling opens so you can see the wooden roof truss, the design of the tiny house is really unique.

10. Irregular shapes in the house

unique house design

This minimalist home design displays an irregular home interior design with a visible roof truss.

White paint dominates the entire room of the house, combined with solid materials and contrasts with the black fireplace.

11. The uniqueness of the unique night house design

unique house design

This unique minimalist home design also looks beautiful at night and some houses have large glass windows.

This glass window is a ventilation channel and air circulation, and allows the entry of sunlight.

12. Set the lights in your home

unique house design

This unique home design occupancy does look different, especially at night, especially with the lighting.

You can place lights at the bottom of the house, not only at the top, but also on the walls of the house.

Many unique house designs and Japanese tiny house designs have to do with the use of materials and forms, especially since the country's land is very narrow.

Well, like whether there are cheap unique home designs and unique homes in the US, it turns out that there are many.

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