12 Most Beautiful Minimalist Ceiling Designs in 2022 for Tiny Houses

With an aesthetically pleasing minimalist ceiling design, the rooms in the house look luxurious. You no longer need to buy expensive furniture!

There are many ways to make a small house look luxurious, and one of them is to beautify the minimalist ceiling design as much as possible.

No need to bother buying new furniture, because a good ceiling can determine the aesthetics of a room.

So instead of spending your budget on expensive furniture, opt for refurbished ceilings.

Here's the inspiration for the most beautiful minimalist ceiling design in 2022 for luxury mobile homes!

Minimalist Ceiling Design Inspiration for Small Houses

1. Minimalist lattice plaster ceiling

source: Instagram.com/arsyinterior0507

Plaster ceilings like this create the impression of modern simplicity.

The design above is suitable for those who prefer a bright atmosphere with lots of lights.

Therefore, each panel of the box must be equipped with LED lights.

2. Unique sandalwood ceiling

Source: Instagram.com/centuryplafontangsel

For those who like to be different, this wooden ceiling is the right choice.

Made of sandalwood, this ceiling is guaranteed to be termite-resistant and water-resistant.

Besides being unique, the wooden elements on this ceiling also give a warm impression.

3. Minimalist Classic Gypsum Ceiling Design

source: Instagram.com/gypsum.classic

If your house has two floors, then this gypsum ceiling is suitable for the living room.

Combined with ambient light and a large chandelier, the house is guaranteed to look luxurious!

4. Luxury PVC Ceiling Model

Source: Instagram.com/indahjamilah

In addition to plaster and wood, one of the materials commonly used to make ceilings is PVC.

With the design above, the PVC ceiling is able to create a clean and luxurious impression in the house.

5. Modern Gypsum Ceiling

Source: Instagram.com/interior.djavaswarna

This square-shaped plaster ceiling is indeed a trend.

Besides being simple, you can also be creative with the color of the lights on the ceiling to create a different feel.

6. Unique themed ceiling with ambient light

Source: Instagram.com/jasa_pemangangan_gypsum

Tired of box plaster ceilings? You can choose this one ceiling pattern.

The zigzag downlights, plus the fan in the middle, this ceiling model is truly enviable!

7. Minimalist Wooden Ceiling Model
Source: Instagram.com/jasa_pemasangan_gypsum

Wood material is not only suitable for floors, but also for ceilings.

Especially if your house is dominated by wood elements, this ceiling model is perfect for you.

8. Colorful Minimalist Ceiling Design
Source: Instagram.com/jasapairplafonblitar

Minimalism is not only monochromatic, you can also apply bright colors like pink and yellow.

Add a unique gypsum ceiling pattern to make your home look special.

9. White Luxury Ceiling

Source: Instagram.com/pidafia

For those who like to create light, you should use a white ceiling.

This color reflects the light shade you selected.

10. Horizontal Stripe Pattern PVS Ceiling

source: Instagram.com/plafonpvcdepok_ps88

PVC ceilings can also be made, you just need to add a pattern to the ceiling surface.

Don't forget to make LED lights on the edge of the ceiling too.

11. PVC ceiling fan

Source: Instagram.com/plafonpvcdepok_ps88

This is also a PVC ceiling, which can also be designed in this way, especially when the ceiling fan will be installed.

Don't forget the yellow ambient light to make it more attractive.

12. Gypsum ceiling with ethnic motifs

Source: Instagram.com/plafon_gypsum_jogjakarta

Who says you can't make gypsum ceilings?

You can add an ethnic pattern in the center and then add an equally beautiful chandelier.

That's the inspiration for a minimalist ceiling design that you can imitate!

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