12 Minimalist Home Terrace Designs

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

Still struggling with the choice of minimalist home terrace design, don't worry, there are many inspirations and ideas to choose from, let's take a look.

You can have a patio in the front, side, back, balcony, or even on the roof of the house.

Usually, people have a terrace in front, but it is possible to have it elsewhere as well.

The terrace can be used to receive guests, gather with family, hang out with friends, and others.

For that, you really have to redesign the minimalist row house design to make it look cooler.

You don't need to be confused about choosing a patio design because there are so many inspirations.

The property website Boelroom.com will tell you which minimalist patio design is really right for you.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design Pictures

1. Concrete Dak House Terrace

This minimalist home terrace is on the roof of the house or not concrete, if you have it then you can design a modern minimalist home terrace model.

This design is suitable for the latest modern minimalist terrace because it is simple, just place a chair and a table.

2. The terrace of the house with a wooden roof

There are many choices of minimalist home terrace designs, one of which is a modern home terrace model that houses a full sofa and is also covered with a wooden roof.

The beautiful terrace of the house definitely makes the front of the house more attractive, especially if there are lots of sofa pillows that are just as beautiful.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

3. Put the sofa under the tree

This picture shows a simple design for a minimalist home terrace, placing a minimalist sofa under a large tree.

In addition, the minimalist natural stone terrace features a natural stone terrace floor, suitable for traditional houses or houses with large yards.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

4. Cabin Terrace

This photo depicts a minimalist terrace type 36 which is suitable for a small Indonesian house that can accommodate many chairs and tables.

The inspiration from a charming small terrace further enhances this minimalist home.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

5. Big swing on the terrace of the house

Pictured here is the terrace of the mansion and the modern house, with a large swing that can replace a sofa.

You can still include other decorations when choosing a modern minimalist terrace design like this.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

6. Terrace with big pillars

Pictures of minimalist home terrace designs such as a dining room with an open concept are perfect for those of you who often entertain guests.

If you want a minimalist home terrace with poles, you can see a minimalist home terrace pole design or a house terrace pole profile model.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

7. Balcony Terrace

Home terrace design, minimalist terrace mockup with chairs, coffee table and plants to beautify the terrace of the house.

This design can be a choice for a minimalist 2020 terrace, simple but still elegant, where you and your guests can feel comfortable.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

8. Cozy and spacious balcony

An image of a simple terrace house in a village featuring a minimalist home terrace design using natural stone and wood.

This minimalist front porch design can be an option, even if you don't forget the design when designing your terrace, you can prioritize comfort.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

9. Simple Traditional House Terrace

Picture of a simple house with a minimalist home terrace design, old wooden chairs, and a minimalist garden in front of the house.

If you look at the front of this traditional minimalist style house, the terrace and garden are indeed one and look harmonious.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

10. Minimalist terrace on the second floor

The front porch of this minimalist house is located on the second floor and presents a modern minimalist design combined with a beautiful garden.

The choice of a modern minimalist terrace model that is a trend on a minimalist home terrace in 2020.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

11. Classic Terrace

If you have a beautiful garden full of plants, you can choose a classic home terrace image or a small terrace design.

A minimalist home terrace design like this of course not only beautifies the house, but can also be a comfortable gathering place.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

12. Another terrace inspiration by Dak

If you don't have concrete in your home, you can use it as a terrace where you can relax.

A minimalist terrace design like this is the right choice, a wooden deck, a place to relax, a garden.

There are also many minimalist home terrace designs available for your home, and you can choose one of them.

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