12 Inspirational Minimalist Kitchen Models That Prove Simple Looks Really Cool

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Minimalist kitchen mockups can be an option for those of you who want a new look for their kitchen, and a minimalist look that is fun and cool.

There are many kitchen interior design inspirations to choose from, and the choices are many and varied.

Previously there was a review of kitchen interior design and decorations that beautify the kitchen.

In this article, we will discuss about a minimalist kitchen model, a minimalist look that is different from before.

If you are bored with the look of your kitchen mockup, these photos can certainly be an inspiration.

The kitchen model is simple, but still attractive and functional, both of which are important to you.

The property website Boelroom.com will review a minimalist kitchen model for your kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Mockup Inspiration

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1. Minimalist kitchen

Of course, this is not a minimalist kitchen model in 2017 or 2020, let alone 2021, a kitchen design like this is indeed designed simply.

Even so, this minimalist kitchen design still has many decorations such as vases and others.

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2. Kitchen shelves on the ceiling

The 2020 Minimalist Kitchen Pattern that combines the kitchen and dining room with an open concept makes the house look spacious.

Simple and inexpensive kitchen designs have kitchen cabinets and kitchen shelves mounted on the ceiling of the house.

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3. Minimalist Kitchen Sets

Minimalist kitchen design 2x2 meters with a minimalist kitchen set in different colors with kitchen wall tiles.

If the house is small, a modern minimalist kitchen design might be the right choice.

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4. Neat minimalist kitchen

A neat minimalist kitchen mockup with a kitchen set and a lower cabinet for cooking utensils.

A unique and simple kitchen design combining wood and white can be an inspiration for the right choice.

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5. Kitchen under the stairs

This minimalist kitchen model is a kitchen under the stairs and a way to maximize every corner of the house.

This open minimalist kitchen design also combines a simple kitchen with a small dining area.

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6. Exposed Brick Wall

Modern minimalist kitchen 2020 features exposed brick walls with white kitchen base cabinets.

The inspiration for the latest minimalist kitchen model because this one does not have a hanging cupboard.

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7. Lovely little kitchen

Minimalist kitchen design 2x2 m in the corner of the house, beautiful green kitchen set options.

This minimalist home kitchen model certainly fits your size 36 or 45.

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8. Combination of kitchen and dining room

A minimalist home kitchen model that combines a kitchen with a dining room, an open concept that can be done by homeowners.

A safe color choice for this 3x3m minimalist kitchen design is white, a classic color that is suitable for various designs.

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9. Japanese Minimalist Kitchen

This latest minimalist kitchen model is a Japanese kitchen, a kitchen that blends with the dining room.

This simple and inexpensive kitchen design is very simple, right, without too much decoration in the kitchen.

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10. The concept of open space

Currently, there are more and more open and seamless concepts that combine the kitchen, dining room, and family room.

This kitchen also uses this concept, except for the use of a minimalist kitchen hanging cabinet mockup.

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11. Cozy Small Kitchen

The concept of a 2x2m minimalist kitchen design aka a modern minimalist kitchen design combines the kitchen and dining room into one.

This minimalist kitchen pattern can of course be adapted to a minimalist home or small house.

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12. U-shaped kitchen

One of the minimalist kitchen models to overcome space constraints is to design a U-shaped kitchen.

This minimalist home kitchen model will definitely meet the needs and functions of the kitchen, it's simple.

Wow, it turns out that there are lots of minimalist kitchen models to choose from, depending on the size of the room.

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