11 Minimalist Back Garden Design Options For Small Houses

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

boelroom small haouses - You can take advantage of the garden behind your minimalist home to turn it into a beautiful and cool garden so that it enhances the overall appearance of your home.

The back of the house certainly cannot be left alone, you can beautify it in various ways.
The area behind the house can be transformed into a back porch that can be used as a gathering place.
The terrace of the house is not only a place for family gathering, but also to entertain guests.
Or you can turn it into a charming garden, maybe an exotic Balinese style garden.
You can turn the garden behind this minimalist house into a garden full of tropical plants.
There are many options for arranging this back garden into a beautiful garden, as well as beautifying the house.
The property website boelroom.com will explain the beautiful minimalist backyard garden design. 

 Recommended minimalist backyard design

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

1. Simple Garden

Minimalist garden image, this home garden has a simple design with ordinary plants and no garden decorations. Of course, if you don't like Balinese tropical gardens or tropical botanical gardens like the Bali Tropical Garden, there are options too.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

2. Minimalist garden behind the house

Another option is a minimalist backyard garden with lots of plants and grass covering the concrete floor. A minimalist backyard garden model that can be an inspiration, it's time to choose a simple garden design.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

3. Wooden deck behind the house

The narrow back garden design incorporates a wooden deck, stone, large tree and garden spotlights. You can include this small backyard garden idea in your list of choices for your minimalist backyard garden design.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

4. Big flower pot

Even if you don't have a large backyard garden, you can place large pots in a narrow backyard design. As a garden decorator, you can also put a minimalist garden chair to beautify it, there are many choices.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

5. Medium Tree

There are many plants to choose from around the house, or you can choose some medium-sized plants for a minimalist backyard garden. You can combine a garden with a minimalist back design, and the combination of a garden and a wooden deck looks simple.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

6. The grass behind the house

A modern minimalist backyard garden design that combines a patch of green grass that beautifies the tropical garden landscape and home. By the way, how to grow Japanese grass at home can actually be done yourself, maybe you are also interested.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

7. Backyard without plants

Minimalist backyard garden design with only a wooden deck and a concrete seating area, no plants at all. You can design the back design of this minimalist house, especially if you really don't like plants.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

8. The kitchen overlooks the back garden

A garden behind a modern minimalist house with a minimalist open kitchen or a minimalist outdoor kitchen. While you are cooking, eating or partying, you can see the garden behind the mansion.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

9. Garden in a narrow backyard

Type 36 backyard garden aka narrow backyard garden design combines a garden and a party room. The garden model is another option for a small garden behind the house, and there are many options for a minimalist garden behind the house.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

10. Minimalist Garden with Plant Fence

The garden behind the minimalist house has a narrow plot of land with shrubs, natural stone floors and chairs. Attractive to decorate hedges throughout the garden and backyard.

pinterest minimalist backyard garden

11. Black picket fence for garden landscaping

The garden behind this minimalist house has a concrete floor, black fence, black chairs and many other garden decorations. This black fence certainly gives a different accent to this garden and can be another option for you.After seeing the many gardens behind this minimalist house, it will definitely give you inspiration to make the same. For other home garden inspiration, many recommended ideas can be read on this property page. Don't forget to check out the boelroom.com articles for interesting news, tips or guides on property, design, law and lifestyle. This page also makes it easier for property seekers, property sellers to find information because boelroom.com is here for you. Now is the time for you to choose and find the best home or real estate investment, only at boelroom.com

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