10 Canopy Designs for Open Kitchens Time to Make a Difference

Open kitchen canopy

The many canopy designs for open kitchens are suggestions and inspiration for those of you who want to renovate their kitchens to make them look different.

Maybe not many people have an open kitchen in their house, usually they are inside the house.

However, developers built 36/60 or 36/72 houses with open kitchens.

Boelroom.com also reviews open kitchens such as minimalist outdoor kitchens.

Additional reviews are available in Outdoor Kitchens, along with sample images that can be viewed.

Don't forget, about open minimalist kitchens, talk about kitchens in open spaces.

The Boelroom.com website will cover open kitchen canopies for inspiration for those with open kitchens.

Canopy Design for Open Kitchen

1. Simple Canopy

Open kitchen canopy

The shape and design of the canopy for an open kitchen is simple, only in the form of wood installed sideways.

You can combine an open kitchen with an open dining area, perfect for hosting frequent guests.

2. Small house shape

Open kitchen canopy

If this canopy is unique, it looks like a small house with poles and a roof.

If you have a large backyard and like to bake, a kitchen like this can be a design choice.

3. Minimalist roof shape

Open kitchen canopy

The choice of canopy shape for a minimalist open kitchen, made of wood and mixed and matched with concrete material on the kitchen wall.

You can install a smoker to absorb the smell of cooking and not spread it everywhere.

4. Choose glass material

Open kitchen canopy

There are several choices of ceiling materials for open kitchens, one of which is thick glass so that sunlight can shine in the kitchen.

You can design a kitchen like this near your backyard to make cooking and eating a lot easier.

5. Use clay bricks

Open kitchen canopy

If clay brick is chosen for this open kitchen canopy, the design follows the main house.

If you have an open kitchen, you can add a bar for an informal look.

6. Use Concrete Tiles

Open kitchen canopy

Since this kitchen is at the back of the house, concrete tiles are used for this open kitchen canopy.

What makes this open kitchen unique is that it has plenty of indoor and outdoor dining and a wet bar.

7. Choice of wood material

Open kitchen canopy

A simple open kitchen canopy that is neatly installed in the form of wood is quite simple, isn't it.

Usually, the open kitchen is more often used for breakfast or relaxing.

8. Install the Fiberglass Roof

Open kitchen canopy

You can also install a fiberglass roof as an open kitchen canopy at a very affordable price.

If this kitchen can even mix and match the kitchen with a relaxing room in the backyard.

9. Choose stainless steel material

Open kitchen canopy

Another option for a canopy material for an open kitchen is stainless steel, so it looks more modern.

The open kitchen combined with the open dining area aka alfresco is really fun.

10. White Wood Roof

Open kitchen canopy

To show off something different from an open kitchen canopy, you can put wood stucco.

Then there are the wooden walls and wooden deck floors that give a clear idea of ​​the feel of a vacation home.

Wow, so many suggestions and inspiration for an open kitchen canopy, you can choose the best.

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