Luxury Small House Design Inspiration Model 30/60

Inspiration for a subsidized type 30/60 house renovation that looks luxurious and comfortable 

Hello friends, boelroom.com home design ideas, this time I came to discuss the design of a small house that looks luxurious and comfortable. YouTuber Dapur AngToni has succeeded in turning this minimalist house into a luxury home even though the land area is only 6x10m.

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Let's take a look at some 30/60 subsidized home renovation photos: 

This subsidized house has a predominantly black facade with a hint of brown and beige.

Not only that, there is a black fence that looks sturdy with light steel and wood materials. To give a good impression, the owner also added some ornamental plants to the facade of his house.

House Terrace

Entering the house, there is a fairly large carport and patio area. The owner of the house added two chairs and a table on the terrace of the house as a place to relax. There is a sunbathing area in front of the patio area, which will later be converted into a fish pond. To avoid the scorching sun, the owner uses a plaster canopy with a downlight.

Source: AngToni's Kitchen YouTube

family room

Entering the house, there is a small living room area that seems to be integrated with the kitchen area because it is not separated by a bulkhead. The living room area is equipped with a minimalist L-shaped gray sofa. On the walls, some wall art beautifies the room.

Source: AngToni's Kitchen YouTube


This subsidized house has two bedrooms, each measuring 2x3 meters. For this, the owner can only use a mattress with dimensions of 120x200 cm. This bedroom is not very spacious, but still big enough to fit a wardrobe and TV in it. If the first room is used as a bedroom, the other room is used as a warehouse. Homeowners are seen storing various items in the room.

Source: AngToni's Kitchen YouTube


The actual kitchen area is clearly visible, even when the owner opens the door. The interior of the kitchen looks elegant with monochrome nuances. For the kitchen table, the master uses black, while the walls and kitchen cabinets are white. This kitchen has a simple design and is also equipped with a minibar with two chairs. Be it the living room or kitchen area, the owner uses downlights as lighting.

Source: AngToni's Kitchen YouTube


Not far from the kitchen area, there is a small room and toilet in the corner of the room. Don't forget to visit boelroom.com for other interesting articles about the property. The owner deliberately divides this bathroom into two areas, a wet area, and a dry area. The two areas are separated by a different patterned tiled floor and beige waterproof curtains. Well, those are some portraits of 30/60 subsidized house renovations that you can use as inspiration.

Source: AngToni's Kitchen YouTube

However, before you start renovating your subsidized home, make sure you have carefully considered the costs you will incur. I pray that my friends can build houses and renovate their dream homes.

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