7 Luxury Home Designs

7 Luxury Home Designs, Luxury is Charming!

This time I want to present a house design like a famous soap opera artist. Home design ideas range from the simple to the very luxurious. boelroom.com is a well-known website for discussing home design ideas, for your information. Who doesn't want to have a luxurious house like a giant from a soap opera? Luxurious houses like rich people in soap operas usually have ornate buildings. Not only that, the houses of these rich people are usually large and elegantly designed. The appearance of the facade of the house is enough to make people astonished even from the outside. This rich man-style luxury home design also tends to use neutral colors on the exterior and interior of the house. Want to have a luxurious house like the rich in soap operas? Let's take a look at some of the rich man's facade designs, and it's amazing to see the following: 

7 Richest House Designs in Sinetron 

1. Elegant shades of white look classy

This first wealthy residence is designed with white tones to give an elegant impression. Thanks to the lights around the front of the house, this residence looks square and looks beautiful at night. Not only that, this house has a large yard and grass that makes it look beautiful. 
Source: Behance.net

2. European-style classic house with high pillars

Opera Regal's Soap House has the same classic European design with lots of columns. This can also be your inspiration if you want to build a house that looks luxurious. You can add large pillars to support the residence to make it look more magnificent.
Source: Design.id

3. Residential design like a luxury resort

If you don't want to have a magnificent residence that soars high, you can present a mansion with only two floors. However, to make it look like a rich person's house, you can add various facilities to the house. One of them is the swimming pool area with beach chairs, just like a luxury resort.

Source: Bintoro Build

4. Luxury Greenhouse Design

The luxurious appearance of a grand residence can also be obtained by using glass material. Because the glass material will give a variety of impressions on the house. Not only that, this house has a sleek design that looks "expensive" from the outside.

Source: www.pixabay.com

5. The sultan's house is gold Gold

is synonymous with luxury owned by the rich. Well, you can also paint gold on the front of the house to make it look luxurious. One of them is like a luxury house with a unique design owned by Crazy Rich from Palu.

Source: Ayojalanterus.com

6. A house with a fountain

The house of the rich is also synonymous with a fountain in the front yard. For this purpose, you can also add a fountain to make your home look grand and spacious. Most people will place the fountain area in the center of the front yard.

Source: Popbela.com

7. An elegant and minimalist luxury house

This last rich man's house design looks elegant and minimalist. That's because the design doesn't play too much with the details and decoration of the facade. Even so, from the outside, who doesn't like living in a luxury residence like this hotel?

Source: Ruparupa

So, which luxury and stately home is your favorite? I hope you can have your dream home.

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