5 luxury Home Design Ideas On Limited Land

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Today I will discuss 5 luxury home design ideas on limited land. boelroom.com Never miss something unique. You can find references for your home here.

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Multi-storey houses may not always be synonymous with luxury connotations. But for those who live in countries where land is limited and expensive, terraced houses are no longer a novelty in the mainstream quality lifestyle.

Here are five high-rise luxury home designs that you can apply as inspiration for your dream home. Just look at the five-story concept below.

 Here are 5 luxury home design ideas

1. Luxurious little land

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In Singapore, stands a house with a minimalist and luxurious architectural style. Although it only occupies a standard land area, this multi-storey mansion adheres to the most functional residential concept. In addition to making good use of the surrounding location, this multi-storey residence consists of four floors and is designed to be nature-oriented, including a small garden and road area.

The cantilever concept was used upstairs to make it look like a protruding beam. The interior of this multi-storey mansion is dominated by a minimalist and elegant arrangement through the use of glass, interior gardens and a black color palette.

2. Two concepts, one house

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This multi-storey house still in Singapore has a unique semi-detached style. This concept combines two different architectural styles, meeting at an aesthetically symmetrical point. Row house exteriors become more flexible, lively, and less formal. Choosing glass for the walls and windows of the house also makes it feel more spacious, natural and bright.

As this key asset is in an open plan structure, natural lighting is also a focus. The reflection of sunlight on the rough-textured walls certainly creates a strong, luxurious and beautiful interior feel in this terraced house.

3. Details of high-rise residential complex

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At first glance, this beautiful multi-storey house looks almost indistinguishable from the average house. With a small footprint and a simple parking lot, this house also has a minimalist architecture and interior. But pay attention to the intricate details on the roof, which is composed of stacked or layered arrangements that look unique and full of character, right?

You can apply it when you build your own terraced house. Give it your own element or a simple twist that can make the house look different and still maximize it.

4. Minimalist lattice style row house

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Minimalist theme is often touted as the main focus of multi-storey houses. But that doesn't mean the interior idea stops at the standard minimalist elements. Take inspiration from this one-story mansion with a unique minimalist design.
Using the concept of mirroring the ground floor and upstairs, the exterior of the house looks compact with a wood lattice style. Not only are the materials the same, but the dimensions and application are also intentionally the same. Another detail of this beautiful multi-storey house is very simple but consistently gives a residential effect that will definitely make you feel at home.

5. Upscale modern residence

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In Hong Kong, the problem of shortage of residential land has reached an acute level. However, for some connoisseurs of multi-storey luxury homes, there is always a way to solve this problem. Inspiration came on a plot of land that is not too large, but can meet the needs of a house with high taste.

In addition to looking elegant with a minimalist open concept, this multi-storey house successfully combines the concept of a garage with a swimming pool. This fluid composition is a careful blend of style and function.

Do you have inspiration to build a terraced house? There is always a way to apply creativity in your own way. Don't forget to adjust the design of the house to the house construction budget.
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