20 Small and Luxurious Home Inspirations

 20 Small and Luxurious Home Inspirations

boelroom - Today I will share inspiration about 20 small and luxurious houses, don't be discouraged if the community area is relatively narrow. You can still get a small but luxurious house. Let's look at the various inspirations.

Many ideas make home designs look luxurious. For example, applying the concept of a modern minimalist themed house.

When planning your development, you can be creative by compiling the modern minimalist home design of your dreams.

For example, choosing a minimalist home fence material made of hollow iron.

So if you're looking for ideas, here's a summary of various examples of minimalist homes from boelroom.com. This can be a reference for your thoughts.

Various Small and Luxurious House Inspirations

1. 1-story house model

If you want to design a house measuring 5x7, maybe this 1-story house can be an example.

Applying natural stone walls on the facade of a one-story house will make it look luxurious.

2. Experience luxury with the right lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the appearance of a modern minimalist home design.

Well, this simple minimalist home mockup looks luxurious thanks to the warm yellow color used for the headlights of the house.

3. A house with a front garden

One of the things that makes the house feel comfortable and looks luxurious is having a garden in front of the house.

This simple but luxurious house image looks beautiful because it has a green front yard.

4. Minimalist house pictures

The architectural form that seems simple will also give the impression of luxury and elegance.

This simple minimalist home design is an example so you can get what your dream home looks like.

5. Models of pitched roof houses

The sloping roof model makes the residence look unique and luxurious.

In addition, the addition of a tropical-style house facade design adds to the "luxury" impression of the residence.

6. Unique 2-storey house

This 2-story minimalist small house is designed in a simple but luxurious slender box.

Occupancy looks more comfortable thanks to the garden without a fence in front of the house, so it will spoil the eyes.

If your land is not too big but you want to build a house with a lot of space, then you can solve this problem by applying a minimalist 2-story house design. Use the ground floor as a living room, kitchen, living room, and dining room. You can then use the second floor for more private rooms such as the master bedroom, children's room, and family room. With a minimalist 2-story house design, you can also add a balcony to relax and enjoy the fresh air outside.

7. Minimalist Home Balcony

This 2-story minimalist house design looks luxurious with a balcony. In the morning, you can relax with a cup of coffee in the simple balcony area.

8. Modern Tropical Style

To get a small but luxurious house, you can also apply the concept of a modern tropical house. This elegant 2-story modern minimalist house design looks luxurious with a natural stone wall facade.

The modern architectural style is also the right choice if you want your home to look luxurious.

For example, this minimalist-level house design looks luxurious with a modern facade design style.

9. Simple 1-story house

The minimalist home design feels luxurious thanks to the stunning facade shape.

The combination of a beautiful garden in front of the house adds a comfortable impression to this simple 1-story house.

The picture of a minimalist 1-story house above can be your next inspiration. Areas that are not too large will be easier to clean. This one-story minimalist home design is suitable for those who have a larger area, even if only one level will meet your space needs.

The addition of a terrace and a garage next to it will make your 1-story minimalist home model look spacious.